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Adrien Messié

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Adrien Messié


LE GRAMME is the fruit of an encounter between Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër.

Adrien inherited a love of beautiful things from his aesthete grandfather and joiner father—a love of objects able to stand the test of time because they are well made, and imbued with the legacy of a time when the quality of the product would speak for itself. This family bequest led him to collaborate with Andrée Putman in an ongoing exploration of an ethos centred on the object, the material and a sense of simplicity.

This led to a project to create pieces comprising a simple band of silver in a range of widths, and varying weights. Next came a concept that would base the name of each product on its most fundamental trait: its weight. 

The LE GRAMME project involves a range of creations in basic shapes, all featuring the same form in different sizes according to weight and in different materials according to style.

It was this shared drive to explore male-oriented jewellery that established LE GRAMME as a lifestyle brand for men.

How do you wear YOUR LE GRAMME?

I always combine them. My first set includes the 33g in 925 sterling silver with a matt pyramid guilloché pattern, the 21g with a slick, polished finish, and the 7g and 41g, both with a slick brushed finish. I like to wear some pieces "upside down" to show the bracelet opening on top of the wrist.   


What is your most cherished possession?

The first is a watch that I inherited from my father and my grandfather before him. It's a Jaeger Lecoultre Automatic from the fifties with an ivory-tinted face. I asked for a new custom-made strap manufactured from alligator navy/dark blue matt leather with an hidden stitching. For me, it represents a sense of passing on and timelessness. It weighs 39 grams. 

And of course, everything started with that polished 21g bracelet, which I feel captures the very essence of the brand.


What is most important to you?

Love in every sense of the word, including a love of beautiful things and detail, the people I work with and love which inspires trust. Love makes things deeply sincere.


Sterling Silver 925 Assembly : 33g pyramid guilloché matte, 21g slick polished, 7g slick brushed, 41g slick brushed