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Alexis Mabille

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Alexis Mabille


LE GRAMME grows and exists through encounters and different perspectives.

Since the beginning of the LE GRAMME project, Alexis Mabille is part of this caring community gathered around the brand.

Whether twisting the silhouettes or mixing different eras, Alexis revisits men’s and women’s wardrobes alike. Graphic lines structure the looks, movement suggests sensuality, cuts are marked by their lightness, fluidity and sharpness.

How are you introduced in terms of your profession? 

They say simply that I’m a fashion designer. It certainly deserves to be clearer than stylist or designer.

What has been said about you as a fashion designer which has particularly touched you?

They aren’t words, but emotions. I’ve cried out of emotion during a runway show and it’s very touching. To also hear that I’ve pleased people - that I made them want to go with a particular colour, to reinterpret an article of clothing or a volume. Also, every season to reinvent a style to go better and attempt to try.

What is most important to you in your profession?  

Firstly, to please. To only be able to do what I want to do. To have the freedom to not listen to everyone. To be creative is to choose to be free. That is a risk which comes with having one’s own point of view and accepting whatever might happen.

Le Gramme is a men’s lifestyle brand and offers basic essentials. What is your iconic object in your profession and what does it symbolise to you? 

A bow-tie. It’s what got me known in the beginning and has become a distinctive symbol that I rework with year after year. It was for me a clear form of unisex in terms of accessories. I wanted to give a chance to something that others find corny.

what is your le gramme object and How do you wear it?

I wear my pieces by pair: a bracelet around each wrist like the Maharajas quite simply! The 7 gram is particularly pretty and goes well with the ends of cuffs which displays a thinly bright end. I sometimes mix them up with other jewellery. Their essential character allows this to happen and they become similar to tattoos, two silver threads that stay in place. 

If LE GRAMME was an article of clothing, what would it be?

It would be rather an undergarment because it is an intimate piece of jewellery. Maybe even a wonderful Y-front.

Which gift would you like to be offered sometime soon? 

A Jacob Kassay painting. He’s a New York artist who does among other things, silver monochrone works. They are like mirrors in which we will never see ourselves. I also collect mirrors and silverware.

And what would you offer to those you love?

I offer lots of flowers, but also very very high-end shoes and sometimes vintage ones from runway shows, Pierre Hardy...

What is your fetish object?  How much does it weigh?

My stray cat who is nevertheless very posh weighs 4,503 grams.

What holds weight in your life? 

Friendship, loyalty and kindness.

A special place to find you?

I adore hotel bars. For the moment, I have much love for the Maison Choquet Hotel (10 rue de Bruxelles, Paris 9th arrondissement).

Sterling Silver 925 assembly : 2 bracelets 7g polished finish slick pattern