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Augustin Trapenard

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Augustin Trapenard


How do people introduce you when talking about you and your job?

Sometimes as a cultural journalist, a columnist or TV presenter but mostly as a producer and radio presenter.

What is the most touching thing anyone has said about you in your profession?

That I am a question mark because my job is to ask questions. That I have an inquisitive mind because, for me, that is the greatest quality you can have in this profession. And inquisitive in every sense of the word: open to others but also the slightly curious way I watch, read and ask questions. And finally, that I am courageous because it is easy to make a television show but much more difficult to keep going for 500 shows.

What is the most important thing you do each day in your job?

Sharing my life-long passion – my love of reading. I have always wanted to pass on the immense joy, pleasure even, I find in reading. I was a teacher before I became a journalist and perhaps one day I will sell books.

Le Gramme is a men’s lifestyle brand which sells men’s basic essentials. Which iconic work-related object represents you?

There are two. The first is a very old edition of Wuthering Heights which dates back to the end of the 19th century. It is a very beautiful book which I found in Northern England about 15 years ago. It is Emily Bronte’s only novel and was a revelation to me. It helped me understand that literature is first and foremost an art; an art in the use of language, telling a story and creating an image, I must have read it at least 30 times. The second object is this little copper ashtray hollowed out of a block which was designed by Marine Breynaert. It is very small and always by my side because I smoke when I read. And this is why I associate it with my work.

Which is your favourite LE GRAMME piece?

My relationship with LE GRAMME verges on the compulsive. I am somewhere between a collector and a compulsive buyer!
I am missing one which, one day, I gave to a person who had shared my life for many years. My name must still be engraved inside it.

How do you wear LE GRAMME?

I am currently wearing a 21 Gramme in brushed gold. At first I wasn’t sure about the “chain effect” but I like the pure lines and the lightness of the piece. I also like the symbolism because 21 grams is said to be the weight of the soul. I sometimes wear it with a 7 Gramme in silver or black silver.

So, if LE GRAMME was a book, which book would it be?

A very elegant book with clean lines. The narrative style would be simple but striking, just like Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. Elegant and tragic.

What would you like to receive as a gift in the near future?

Peace! My life is so hectic, tumultuous, manic.

Which gift would you give to a loved-one?

I like to give things which belong to me such as a book, even if I have scribbled all over it, a part of me. I have often given William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury as a gift. Likewise, I prefer to receive very personal presents. They mean more to me.

What is your absolute favorite thing? How much does it weigh?

Again, there are two. A photo of my grandmother when she was young. It is a full-length black and white print. She is wearing a small beret and a sensible skirt and, in her eyes, you can see something of her kind nature which she tried to instill in me. The unframed photo sits on my desk and the edges have curled over time. It weighs less than a gram.

The second is my Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso watch which my father gave me when I went to the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon at the age of 20. I love the gesture more than anything, or rather the memory of him giving me the watch. It reminds me of the Faulkner saying which I have tattooed in French on my left arm: “I give you this watch not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it.”  It weighs 63.5 grams.

What carries the most weight in your life?

Lightness, ironically. Perhaps I love LE GRAMME so much because it expresses this lightness. Nothing is weighed in grams anymore. Nowadays, everything is very materialistic, imposing and weighed down by meaning…

Where is your favorite place?

Anywhere there are books, of course. My preference is not to read but to reread. Let’s just say you might find me in a place where there is something to reread.

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