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Charles Innocenti

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Charles Innocenti

Charles Innocenti / Chef and owner of the restaurant Chez Livio, Neuilly-sur-Seine

How do people introduce you when talking about you and your work?

People most probably say that I am a chef, a restaurateur and the owner of Livio in Neuilly.

What do people say about you as a chef that you particularly appreciate?

That I am passionate – passionate about my work and all that it encompasses. And that I have high standards.

What matters most in your restaurant day to day? 

I work to ensure that my customers are happy, and my staff as well. I like working in a team, I like the atmosphere we have, the way we help each other. If you’re asking me to choose a particular time of day, I would say that I most like the ambiance of the evening service… people are obviously more relaxed, calmer.

Le Gramme is a lifestyle brand for men that provides essential objects. In your work, what iconic object would symbolise you?

My knives of course. They are Japanese knives that I’ve had for ten years – I love them; I won’t use any other knives; they’ve developed a patina over time and that makes them even more beautiful.

What LE GRAMME object do you own?

I have two bracelets – Le 15g and Le 33g, both are slick polished in sterling silver.

How do you wear them?

I wear them together but I wear the smaller one upside down with the opening on the top of my wrist.

If LE GRAMME were a dish… what would it be?

Something very direct, simple and beautiful.

What gift would you like to receive in the near future?

There is a large Knoll marble table that I really like; it’s a classic, essential marble piece; I love the quality of this object; I love marble as a material; I love the simplicity of the design from the base right up to the top. And if I might be allowed to dream a little, I would say a classic car like a Ferrari 250 GT.

What will you give as your next gift?

I love to please so I enjoy giving presents. I’m going to give my wife a biker jacket; I also give her jewellery. I often give LE GRAMME jewellery, to my father or my friends. I also like giving clothes as presents – a Steve McQueen style suede jacket recently, or shoes. I must be a good friend…

What is your favourite object? How much does it weigh?

A bracelet my brother wore for ten years, until 13 November 2015 when he died at the Bataclan. It’s a hundred-year-old bracelet that comes from a Malagasy tribe. It’s made from silver. When my brother died, I had several copies made in Madagascar and I had his ashes put inside, because this type of bracelet was designed for that. Those who loved my brother form a sort of clan, and this bracelet is a symbol of that.

What do you value most in your life?

Family, friends, always. More than work, even though I’m passionate about it.

A favourite place where one might find you these days?

Sitting on my sofa with my wife and my dog, a little Australian Shepherd, and my Birman. Perhaps on the Bagatelle playing fields walking my dog, or on a golf course.