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Jean-Pierre Marois

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Jean-Pierre Marois


When he attended the inauguration of Les Bains in 1978 as an adolescent, he didn’t know that 37 years later he would reopen and transform the venue into a genuine parisian hot spot, comprised of a hotel, restaurant and nightclub.
Before this adventure, he worked as a fashion photographer in New York, director, producer and co-producer of movies such as ‘Mary’ by Abel Ferrara, ‘Babel’ by Alejandro Inaritu, ‘South of the Border’ by Oliver Stone… 
On the initiative of Thomas Erber, LE GRAMME met with Jean-Pierre Marois and designed an exclusive 33g engraved pattern polished bracelet in Sterling Silver for Les Bains. This ribbon features a stamped Bacchus head, symbol of the iconic hotel.


How ARE you introduced in terms of your profession?

People often make things easier by combining: film producer/hotelier. Some focus on my most recent work which is being the owner of Les Bains.

As a film producer/hotelier, what has been said about you which has particularly touched you? 

Whatever be my job, what is at stake for me is to reach the public, to resonate an echo. The same applies, whether it is Les Bains or a film. We are here to tell a story and to offer an experience and emotions.

When people tell me that they enjoyed a wonderful evening and that Les Bains created an “echo” for them in such a manner that they found the place beautiful, I get the feeling that I have accomplished my mission.

What is precisely most important in storytelling on a daily basis?

It’s to always make up new things and to continue to recount a story by writing new chapters. It’s necessary to be successful in an inventive and creative way. That is the best solution for continuing to seduce people. 

Le Gramme is a men’s lifestyle brand and offers basic essentials. What is your iconic object in your profession and what does it symbolise to you? 

It’s our Bacchus, the emblem of Les Bains which is a reinterpretation of the one found on the facade of the building dating back to 1885. We had it redesigned by an illustrator by integrating mermaid torches which echoes that which are adorn at the entrance.  In addition, our logo is at the confluence between something masculine and feminine...It is appropriately associated with feast, life and the aquatic dimension which is evidently characteristic of Les Bains.

What is your LE GRAMME object?

It’s the 33 gram in polished 925 sterling silver. This piece was specially designed for Les Bains. It is recognisable by its engraved Bacchus. Nicolas Ouchenir also penned a phrase in its interior. 

How do you wear it?

I wear it by itself, next to a Brazilian bracelet.

If LE GRAMME was any kind of music, what would it be? 

It would be a track from Kraftwerk. They’re a German group who were pioneers in electronic music. They offer very simple but innovative arrangements.

Which gift would you like to be offered sometime soon?

A vintage vehicle like a Jaguar E-type! 

What gift(s) do you offer to those you love? 

I love offering scented candles. For example, with the Les Bains Guerbois Athmosphere candle, the wax cools in a white porcelain pot which has our Bacchus engraved on it. 

What is your fetish object?  How much does it weigh? 

A small desk clock from the 60’s that I found at the Marché aux Puces and weighs 300 grams. It has to be winded. When I forget, I have to reset it to the correct time. It’s a true ritual.

What holds weight in your life?

My family. 

A special place to find you?

Au Select (99 boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris 6th arrondissement). 


Sterling Silver 925 bracelet: 33g Bacchus engraved pattern polished finish

Special edition