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Nicolas Ouchenir

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Nicolas Ouchenir

Nicolas ouchenir / CalligrapheR

How do people introduce you when talking about you and your job? 

People started to introduce me as “the calligrapher”. One specialising in fashion show invitations to start with, for which I’ve unwittingly become a kind of go-to figure for calligraphy, like other people are for lighting or photoshoots... From the outset I’ve offered a different type of calligraphy, I give it new life each time by offering new styles of writing. This process of defining others through calligraphy led me to creating identities for brands. 

What’s the most touching thing anyone has said about you as a calligrapher?

You first have to understand that I do a job where I express feelings and my perception of the definition of a person or a brand… I invent and interpret a theme for them, I aim to open up a new field of reference. What touches me most is seeing the look in their eyes changing, rather than words. Then there are those who say they feel different or those who have a before/after feeling with regard to the calligraphy provided, a bit like returning from a journey.

What’s the most important thing in your job on a daily basis? 

The people around me. Because trying to bring out what’s inside you is the most difficult thing: you mustn’t get lost or betray yourself, and you always have to be humble. For this, you need to be surrounded by people who provide reference points and inspirations. 

What’s the iconic object of your trade, the thing that symbolises you?

It’s definitely the paper and not the pen (which is everywhere). I’m a real paper addict, I touch it, roll it, rip up the tickets in my pockets. For it’s the paper that creates the echo, gives the pen its sound… A pen alone has no sound.

How do you wear LE GRAMME?

LE GRAMME possesses this ancestral, timeless aspect, like a legacy, a sign of belonging that you see in tribes, or the chain bracelet we are given at birth. It’s not a bracelet at all, but an experience that you have to wear to understand all its delicateness and potential. LE GRAMME is an essential piece of jewellery whose personality ultimately depends on the wearer. In fact you can’t wear it without having a personality, because it asks for success without artifice. This simplicity conceals an immense strength, and a great deal of weight.

I have several bracelets by LE GRAMME, which may seem like a lot but in fact it’s barely enough because I enjoy stacking them. I wear them all the time, so I’ve had to get used to working with them. LE GRAMME sometimes writes along with me, as if it had a life of its own.

If LE GRAMME were a writing style…what would it be? 

It would be a writing style that was cold when untouched, but definitely warm to the touch. A fine and sharp style, very distinctive. Something Ugly Pretty. And if it were a letter, it would be G of course, carved out precisely.

What gift would you like to receive soon?

I’ve just been given a nephew, which is the ideal present really, the kind of happiness that you can’t put on a list for Father Christmas, although I do often write calligraphic lists or thank you letters for him.

Yet receiving a gift is already wonderful, just for the pleasure of unwrapping it… And as I prefer experiences to objects, let’s say a ticket to go and see Marie-Agnès Gillot at the Paris Opera.

What gift would you give someone you love?

I give LE GRAMME, in fact I give people my bracelets and then I have to buy more. I also give calligraphic portraits or letters. 

What’s your lucky object? How much does it weigh?

It’s an old Snoopy that my father gave me at birth. He has of course become very ugly, looks a bit silly in his little red jumper, he’s lost his shorts and a bit of weight over the years, so he now weighs 500 grams.

What carries the most weight in your life?

The people I love: my parents and my family, my friends, my beloved.

What’s your favourite place, where you’re most likely to be found?

I’m easy to find, unlike calligraphy… I can most often be found in my studio, which I think is beautiful because it’s a living, stained, painted place… And even when I’m not there, part of me is there through the people who work there and are an extension of me. And maybe in Africa soon, to go and see the Dogon. 

Sterling Silver 925 bracelet: 15g and 33g slick polished finish, 13g polished guilloché pyramide, 15g slick polished finish