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the segment collection is a series of bracelets, rings and necklaces, inspired by the world of geometry and the fruit of a...
22.04.21 in inspirations

project 3d | object 01

we imagined what the le gramme calculator would look like.
14.04.21 in inspirations

the packaging le gramme

le gramme creations draw their strength from the care given to details and their apparent simplicity. they are made in the...

12.04.21 in inspirations

le gramme hq

in october 2020, le gramme inaugurated its new headquarters and showroom in the 3rd arrondissement of paris.
23.03.21 in inspirations

2021 campaign

discover our 2021 campaign presenting our iconic jewellery collections : cable, ribbon, beads and entrelacs. 

17.03.21 in collections

the diamond

in 2015 and in partnership with luisa via roma, le gramme created a limited edition bracelet for men...
03.03.21 in collections

the bangle

after launching its first two iconic collections, the ribbon and the cable, le gramme has created a new line...
24.02.21 in inspirations

the ring

in 2015, le gramme unveiled its first collection of rings, a variation of its iconic ribbon bracelet. made in...
16.02.21 in collections

the nato cable

the use of nato as an accessory originated in the world of watchmaking in 1973. traditionally, watch straps were made of nato...
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le gramme was born in 2013 with its first men's jewelry collection, the ribbon, which is the most...
02.02.21 in inspirations

an aesthetic gift

Aesthetes' gifts, le gramme creations draw their strength from the care given to details and their apparent simplicity.
04.01.21 in collections


le gramme reinterprets the pendant with its medals born from elementary geometric shapes.
with 4 existing variations, the medals take the form of a...
21.12.20 in collections

wedding rings

Made in Parisian workshops, the le gramme alliances are on the borderline between the rational and the emotional, between the...
14.12.20 in collections

pop up store

for the end of the year celebrations, le gramme inaugurated a pop up store in Paris located at 332 rue de la...
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photographer : jai odell
23.11.20 in collections

cable diamonds

photographer : victoire le tarnec
model : julien isnardon
16.11.20 in collaborations

carte blanche 01 | luca werner

"One day, in a museum, I read an excerpt from an ancient Japanese poem. It was written that the Japanese...
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photographer : victoire le tarnec
model : clément grobotek
02.11.20 in inspirations

le gramme by robin galiègue

photographer: robin galiègue
stylist: manon hvejsel sarron
mua: marie duhart
hair: yann turchi
27.10.20 in collaborations

Printemps de l'Homme corner

the first le gramme corner opened on the ground floor of the printemps de l'homme, 64 boulevard haussmann, 75009 paris....
02.10.20 in ambassadors

pierre mahéo

what feeds your style, what is the source of your inspiration?


26.06.20 in ambassadors

thierry bouët

how would you define thierry bouët's lifestyle? 
I party during the day and rest at night. 
21.04.20 in ambassadors

isaac cole powell

actor, model, singer. superstition, frogs and eyebrows.
08.04.20 in inspirations

dieter rams

Genius, God, absolute master... We’re not entirely sure the man whose motto was “Weniger, aber besser/Less...
03.04.20 in ambassadors

germain louvet

what feeds you in your job, what is the source of your inspiration? people inspire me in the first place,...
12.03.20 in inspirations

otl aicher

14.01.20 in ambassadors

pierre yovanovitch

based in paris and new york, pierre yovanovitch, an interior architect with his own furniture line, collector of designer objects and contemporary art, scenographer, is fascinated by harmony and authentic....
06.11.19 in ambassadors

Joseph Altuzarra

what feeds your style, what is the source of your inspiration?
it's all about observing women...
12.10.19 in ambassadors

erwan le louër

what about this project do you find stimulating ?
the learning process of being in a fast-growing start-up. i’m still constantly learning about...
17.07.19 in ambassadors

vincent dedienne

what feeds you in your jobs, what inspires you?
People. Whether it's the movies or the theater or...
25.06.19 in inspirations

etienne-louis boullée

At the end of the Enlightenment, art - be it painting, sculpture or architecture - is meant to be moral ...
10.06.19 in collections

ceramic collection

le gramme continues its creative project around weight by adding a new material to the field of its research:...
10.06.19 in ambassadors

yiqing yin

what's the source of your inspiration?
it's an association of so many things, an aggregate of emotions, the...
16.04.19 in ambassadors

colin bates

what's your background, what brought you here?
when I started dancing I was barely 7 years old,...
20.03.19 in inspirations

richard buckminster fuller

sometimes a very bad idea can lead to a bigger one... at age 32, richard buckminster fuller considered...
12.03.19 in ambassadors

marie beltrami

what fuels your creativity, what is the source of your inspiration?
...I'm tapping into what's around me, what...
25.02.19 in ambassadors

jacques shu

press attaché for four years for dior homme, then freelance for 12 years with clients as kitsuné,...
06.02.19 in ambassadors

isabelle stanislas

creator of concepts, luxury boutiques and residences throughout the world, isabelle has collaborated with hermès, cartier, celine,...
16.01.19 in inspirations


212g of salad,925 sterling silver and objectsle gramme.
16.01.19 in inspirations

raymond loewy

the most complex things to draw are those with the simplest aesthetics. each object le grammeapplies...
01.01.19 in inspirations


le gramme wishes you a very happy new year!
20.12.18 in ambassadors

little Santa Claus

an interview really oh oh !
what inspires and nourishes you in your work?
first you have to feed the...
13.12.18 in collaborations

christmas shop 2018

we are very pleased to welcome you in our christmas shop from the 12th to the 23rd of December 2018 (sunday included) .
29.11.18 in ambassadors

gildas loaëc

what feeds you in your jobs, what is the source of your inspiration?
pleasure is a guiding element,...
26.11.18 in collaborations

maison kitsuné x le gramme

fashion brand, music label, place to share and taste with its coffees, house testand its fox...
06.11.18 in inspirations

the accumulation

accumulate to create its own language... this technique has always crossed the history of art, filling the eye to satisfy the mind, tempting...
30.10.18 in collections


1678g of squash, silver shot and objectsle gramme.
29.10.18 in ambassadors

mathieu lehanneur

what feeds you in your job, the source of your inspiration?
it feeds essentially, if not exclusively, on this...
11.10.18 in collaborations

le gramme x mr porter

a variation of a new kind, a geometric puzzle in which each unit fits into the previous one, creating a whole, taking up...
04.10.18 in inspirations

gold 750

Passionate about the material, the creative project le grammeexplores the possibilities offered by the precious metal. his creative project925 sterling silver was his...
27.09.18 in ambassadors

melanie huynh

tell me what brought you to your profession as a designer?
it goes back to early childhood, back then...
26.07.18 in ambassadors

julia jean baptiste

tell me what brought you to this job?
I was lucky enough to grow up in music because of...
11.07.18 in ambassadors

moulika varango

tell me what made you decide to do this job?
I grew up in Abidjan, in a very intellectual world that does not...
28.06.18 in inspirations


with its rings in white, yellow and red 750 gold, with a radical and airy look, le gramme...
16.05.18 in inspirations

925 sterling silver

more commonly known as solid silver, it925 sterling silver owes its name to its composition made of 925 thousandths of pure silver and...
14.05.18 in inspirations

Father's Day offer

on the occasion of Father's Day, offers le grammeyou all types of personalization on the entire site .
14.05.18 in inspirations

Mother's Day special offer

May 27th is Mother's Day! For the occasion, le grammehas made a selection of 10 objects .
27.04.18 in collections


expression of precious engineering, the latest collection of le gramme- cable bracelets - is directly inspired by the world of...
14.04.18 in collaborations

discover the joy of discipline

every year, wallpaper magazine pays tribute to craftsmanship and creativity during its handmade exhibition at the
14.04.18 in inspirations


le gramme approaches the object through the prism of an uncompromising aesthetics. its resolutely functionalist approach brings each creation back to the essence of...
13.04.18 in inspirations

objects by victory the tarnec

a curation of objects put in situation with braceletsle gramme, photographed by victory the tarnec.
11.04.18 in ambassadors

gregoris pyrpylis

appointment with a make-up artist with a calm and charming Olympian charm.
what feeds you in your job, what's...
30.03.18 in inspirations

the bracelet

the first object le grammewas the bracelet, designed in an uncompromising aesthetic, each detail being calibrated to fit the...
16.03.18 in ambassadors

antoine ricardou

architect, graphic designer, art director, narrative designer... interview with the co-founder of be-pôles, a gifted artist with eyes wide open.
what feeds you...
09.03.18 in inspirations

in ice | fw18

on March 4th, le grammepresented to the press all of his objects in a dedicated staging ...
14.02.18 in ambassadors

elodie david-touboul

what nourishes you in your job as a stylist?
it's kind of all around us, I think I've got...
02.02.18 in inspirations

diptych of Valentine's Day objects

le gramme considers the couple as a diptych, our worn objects link two people and symbolize a...
16.01.18 in inspirations

pop up at white bird

On January 18, the pop up le grammelaunch will take place at the White Bird Shop in...
11.01.18 in ambassadors

simon buret

what feeds you in your job, the source of your inspiration, the stories you tell in music?
17.12.17 in inspirations

pop up Christmas store

127 rue de turenne, 75003 paris
from 14 december to 24 december 2017
every day from monday to sunday :...
29.11.17 in collections

capsule collection engraved art-deco

This temporary variation is inspired by 925 sterling silverthe art deco movement, its iconic motif is spread over 3 bracelets in different colours....
16.11.17 in ambassadors

joseph dirand

what nourishes you in your job, the source of your inspiration?
it's different every time because...
16.11.17 in inspirations

nude by thierry bouët

thierry bouët photographed men and women carrying only objectsle gramme.
01.11.17 in collaborations

the rulers for thomas erber's cabinet of curiosities 2017

for thomas erber's curiosity cabinet, le grammehas reinterpreted its 43g rule by affixing a...
29.09.17 in ambassadors

jean-philippe de la perle

in your profession, what do they say about you?
so, obviously, they say I'm pretty loud, I'm a boss...
19.08.17 in ambassadors

charles innocenti

how do we present you when we talk about you in your profession?
people are probably saying that I'm...
17.07.17 in ambassadors

thomas erber

how do we present you when we talk about you in your profession?
people often know me as the...
09.06.17 in ambassadors


how do they introduce you when they talk about you and your job?
it's true it's still a...
07.06.17 in collaborations

the milligramme

the milligramme is a variation of children's bracelets inspired by our men's bracelets. ideal for a gift for a child or a...
04.06.17 in collaborations

cabinet of curiosities thomas erber

bangkok, december 2014

le gramme for thomas erber's cabinet of curiosities / 5th edition in siwïlai bangkok - thailand
02.06.17 in collaborations

the bon marché

it is by taking inspiration from the central elevation - stairs, friezes, glass roof - of the cheap, that le grammeElevation,...
01.06.17 in collaborations

the baths

le gramme has created an exclusive 33g slick polished bracelet in sterling silver for the baths.

this ribbon featuring a stamped...
19.04.17 in ambassadors


how do you get introduced when people talk about you in your work?
the dj.
29.03.17 in ambassadors

Augustin trapenard

how are you presented in your profession?
cultural journalist, columnist or TV presenter, sometimes, but mostly producer and host
10.03.17 in ambassadors

nicolas ouchenir

how do you get introduced when people talk about you in your profession?
people started introducing me...
17.02.17 in ambassadors

marie-agnès gillot

how do you get introduced when people talk about you in your profession?
they say I'm a prima ballerina...
13.09.16 in ambassadors

jean-pierre marois

when he attended the inauguration of the baths as a teenager in 1978, he doesn't know that 37 years later he...
27.08.16 in ambassadors

alexis mabille

le gramme is also woven through encounters and cross-examinations. since the project's inception le grammethe...
25.08.16 in ambassadors

adrien messié

le gramme is the fruit of an encounter, that of adrien messié and erwan le louër. of his grandfather aesthete and lover .
06.11.15 in collaborations

thomas erber 2015

paris, december 2015

le gramme for thomas erber's cabinet of curiosities / 6th edition at colette (paris - december...
15.06.15 in collaborations

three apples

gstaad, December 2014

le gramme has created two polished and brushed bracelets exclusively for the Swiss three apples concept store...