how do people introduce you when they talk about you and your job?
it's true that it's always a bit complicated at customs: artist, musician, dj, film music creator, producer... I change according to the trips.

what is the thing said about you as a musician that touches you particularly?
if someone was talking about me, i would say it's the ability to listen and exchange with the audience, the ability to tell a story and not just impose. i try to capture the tension of each moment so that no one is ever left by the wayside. i'd like it to be said that i create adhesion, that a global and collective emulsion is formed.

what's the most important thing in your daily life as a musician, producer, dj...?
my "jobs" are very complementary... so I would miss the adrenaline if I was only doing film music and not performing on stage, in the same way receiving the first reels of film is really exciting, just like watching artists blossom as a producer.

le gramme is a lifestyle brand for men, it offers essential basics, in your universe precisely what is the iconic object, the one that symbolizes you?
my passport without a doubt. in this universe you must never lose your passport or your ears! and yet these things happen.
"I strive to capture the tension of every moment so that no one is ever left by the side of the road. »
and your objectle gramme, what is it?
i have three. the 21gslick polished, the 21g slick brushedand the 41gslick brushed, all in 925 silver.

how do you wear them?
sometimes i wear them all, sometimes i wear only one. right now it's 21g, silverslick brushed.

if le grammethere was a music (a style, a piece...), what would it be?
a music that would be minimalist, erudite and of course elegant. a loop that gets better with each listening can be. how about this one?

=xpVeopBdzQc what is the gift you would like to receive soon? ideally
I would like to have an infinite time for the present. but if I am asked to choose an object then it would be books because discovering authors opens perspectives and can change our way of thinking.
"I have three of them. The 21gslick polished, the 21g slick brushedand the 41gslick brushed, all 925 silver."
and offer to the people you love?
i offer travels and above all the time spent together that goes with it?

what is your favourite object? how much does it weigh?
the sapiens 00, the first vinyl i released on my eponymous label, it weighs 121 grams.

what does it weigh in your life?
my family of course.

a favourite place to find you at the moment?
the garden of the royal palace.

photographer: ©benoit linero
"I offer travel and especially the time together that goes with it..."
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