charles innocenti

what do people say about you when they talk about you in your profession?
people certainly say that I am a chef, a restaurateur and the owner of the restaurant at livio in neuilly.

what is said about you as a chef then, that particularly touches you?
they say that I am passionate, passionate about my job and everything that goes with it. and that I am demanding.

what is the most important thing in your restaurant on a daily basis?
I work so that my customers are happy, so that my staff are happy too. I like working in a team, I like our atmosphere of mutual support. if you ask me to choose a moment, I would say that I prefer the atmosphere of the evening service, people are necessarily more relaxed, more serene.

le gramme is a lifestyle brand for men, it offers essential objects, and in your job what is the iconic element, the one that symbolizes you?
my knives of course. they are Japanese knives that I have had for 10 years, that I love, I only work with them, they have a patina over time, it makes them even more beautiful.
"I work to keep my customers happy, to keep my staff happy. »
what is your objectle gramme, what is it?
i have two bracelets one 15g and one 33g, both slick polishedin 925 silver.

how do you wear them?
i wear them together but i invert the smaller one by wearing its opening on the top of the wrist.

if le grammeit was a dish then... which one would it be?
a very direct, simple and beautiful dish.

what is the gift you would like to receive soon?
there's a big knoll table in marble that i like very much, it's very essential and classic, i like the quality of this object, its material which is marble, its very simple design from the foot to the top. and if i can dream a little bit, i would say an old vintage car like a real ferrari 250 gt.
"I have two bracelets, a 15-gram and a 33-gram, both slick polished925 silver."
what's the next gift you're going to give?
i love to please and therefore give gifts. i'm going to give my wife a perfecto, otherwise i also give her jewelry; i often give jewelryle gramme, to my father, to friends. and then i also like to give clothes, a suede jacket like steve mcqueen lately, or shoes. I must be a good friend...

what's your favourite item? How much does it weigh?
It's a bracelet my brother wore for ten years, until November 13th when we lost it at the bataclan. A centenary bracelet from a Malagasy tribe. It's made of silver. when my brother died, I had several copies made there and I had his ashes put there, because that's what this kind of bracelet was made for. those who loved my brother form a kind of clan, and this bracelet is one of its symbols.

what carries weight in your life?
family, friends, always. more than work, despite the passion I have for him.

a favourite place to find you right now?
in my sofa, with my wife and my dog, a small Australian shepherd and a sacred Burmese. maybe on the plain of triviality walking with my dog, if not on a golf course.

photographer: ©benoit linero
"I'm going to offer my wife a perfecto, or else I'll also offer her jewels; I often offer jewels le grammeto my father, to my friends. »
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