colin bates

What is your background, what brought you here?
When I started to dance I was barely 7 years old, I came to dancing out of pure serendipity, one of my friends was taking dance classes, I wanted to try it, to accompany her in this simple little dance hall, I didn't take it seriously at first. And then the dance competitions came along, challenging me a little bit more, making me want to try my luck on Broadway. I was very lucky to have parents who agreed to take me to New York. not all parents give their children the chance to pursue a dream, to go on tour for a musical. as the projects progressed, my preference finally shifted to acting, I found my playground.

who are the people who are references for you in your work?
when i was 17, i met opera director and director peter sellars (not to be confused with the geniously funny peter sellers), peter believed in me, he guided and inspired me, he recommended books to me, sent me to spain to attend perséphone rehearsals for example. he's a particularly caring person, he thinks of everything. we're always in touch, he gave me ten books to read a few days ago. he has this ability to make the impossible necessary, I particularly admire his ability to make us question ourselves beyond the visible.

what compliment would you like to hear or hear again about your work?
being an actor is above all knowing how to exercise solitude, you have to have self-confidence, build your own certainties, if you don't compliment yourself first how can you receive those of others? hearing that i'm heading in the right direction from a director is already a huge compliment. working with a director for a second time - like michael michetti, with whom i just finished playing the play judas kiss - is also an incredible encouragement.

the city or destination that inspires you or resembles you?
it's very difficult to choose between l.a. and the city or the destination that inspires you, new york, london and paris. each city inspires me in a different way. the proximity to the nature of a.i., the incomparable human energy of new york, london, which is my father's legacy, and finally, paris, which i love, for its architecture and the fact that you can walk across it in an hour, like walking through a village.
"Hearing that I'm on the right track from a director is already a huge compliment."
how would you define your way of being and living?
i need to be in a satiety of existence, i fill my life with art, with different characters, with nature. as soon as i'm not working, i go to nature, that's where i get my energy back, that's what makes me love los angeles so much. my life is full but it is resolutely simple.

your reference project?
i'm thinking of the play billy elliot, which was both a turning point in my career and the most difficult role of my life. i never repeated the exercise of having to act, dance and sing simultaneously for three hours in a row. it was a perfectly exhausting exercise that i consider as a gift.

do you have rituals in life?
i never wanted to go into patterns, it comes down to a form of rouhne, if i realize that i've adopted a ritual then i'll end it immediately just to have the pleasure of trying new things, to live fully. my ritual would rather be to always be curious and in movement.
"When I'm not working, I go out into nature, that's where I get my energy back, that's why I love los angeles so much. »
the kind of movie that pisses you off?
i hate hollywood blockbusters like star wars or spiderman, but i decided i'm gonna change my mind and enjoy them, i probably missed the beauty of the genre! you're never safe from becoming a superhero.

a favourite place to find you usually?
venice beach most of the time, that's where I prepare my roles best, it's almost become an indispensable condition.

your favourite object? how much does it weigh?
I tend to lose everything I cling to, irretrievably. it's wonderful to own beautiful things - whether they have a financial value or not is not what matters - but it's just as well not to be annoyed by them. i like the idea of a life in which you travel light, without the weight of things being able to stop me from moving forward.

what exactly is important in your life?
the connection with people, the real human relationships, that's all that matters because that's all we have left at the end.

your objectsle gramme, what are they? how do you wear them?
i have the 9g bracelet cablein brushed black silver and the 41g ribbon bracelet in brushed 925 silver, i like the contrast of their materials, i wear them in accumulation, on the same wrist. what

if it le grammewas a film?
it comes out of the objects. le gramme a great simplicity which is finally the result of an arhsanal technology, I think of the black mirror series, something both human and futuristic.
"I like the idea of a life in which you travel light, without the weight of things getting in the way. »
his accumulation
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