how do you present yourself when people talk about you in your work?
as a

dj. as a dj / label founder, which adjective do you find most touching?

what is most important to you in your work?
a vision.

le gramme is a lifestyle brand for men, it offers essential basics, what is the iconic object of your job, the one that symbolizes you?
a slightly faded shirt, but well ironed.
"the dj. »

what is your objectle gramme, what is it?
it's a classic and it goes well with other bracelets.

if le grammeit were a piece of clothing, what would it be?
a gabardine. what present would you like to receive soon?

and what present would you like to give to your loved ones?
to make this time a good time.
"to make this time, good time. »
what's your favorite object, and how much does it weigh?
my wedding ring. it is heavy, but it is not a weight.

what is important in your life?

where do you find yourself these days?
los angeles.

photographer: ©benoit linero
"My wedding ring. It's heavy, but it's no weight. »
his accumulation
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