elodie david-touboul

what feeds you in your job as a stylist?
it's a little bit everything that surrounds us, i think i'm lucky to live in a culturally rich environment. when you live in big cities, everything is within your reach.

how did you get into this job?
i always wanted to do this, but i couldn't find a stylist to assist me right away. for 4 years, i did production and casting at art partner and i liked it very much by the way. then i met marie amélie sauvé with whom i worked for 8 years... i have only good memories of that. i feel like i went to a great school, she developed my taste, she refined me.

what are the people or the artists who are references for you?
around 1996, when i was a teenager, it was the great era of martin margiela, helmut lang etc... as far as photographers or artists are concerned, I would say david sims, corinne day, wolfgang tillmans, and cindy sherman. but for every period or season, i find that one artist stands out more... last season i was very interested in william eggleston and his pictures of people walking the streets of new york. and right now i watch a lot of robert mapplethorpe, david armstrong...

if you had to name just one designer?
it's not easy... there are many, and each one for a reason. martin margiela for his freedom of thought, helmut lang for his radicalism, nicolas guesquière for balenciaga and junya watanabe for their subtle avant-gardism, and raf simons because he's so modern over so many years.

and what do you think of john galliano in margiela's work?
i would just say that i find it difficult to do margiela without margiela.
"when you live in big cities, everything is within your reach. »
the city that inspires you or that looks like you?
paris, of course. i'm lucky to live in an incredible city with a real culture and history. that being said, i'm very attracted to los angeles and london. i love los angeles for its light and the feeling of freedom that comes from it, and london and the english for their style. for l.a. for example, it's the images of hugh holland or ryan mc ginley that attract me, and reflect for me this solar spirit and this freedom... in london, they are personalities from david bailey to tracey emin, through mick jagger and david hockney who, for me, describe a style very specific to england.

how would you define your way of life?
very classical: a husband, two children. fashion is obviously more than a job as I am lucky enough to have an activity that I am passionate about, but also I have a very classical life.

a favourite place to usually find you?
in paris, but i don't have a routine, i have an office that i hardly ever go to... i travel a lot for work.

what's the misconception that everyone has about being a stylist?
that it's a glamorous and easy job. the first years as an assistant are really challenging. there's a way of working, a culture specific to the job, the need to be constantly informed, curious... as with many other jobs, by the way. what's

your biggest challenge as a stylist?
it wasn't long ago that I realized a dream by working with david sims.
"Fashion is obviously more than a job, since I am lucky enough to work in an activity that I am passionate about, but I also have a very classical life. »
your ritual in your job?
i don't have rituals. i try to get superstition out of my daily life.

what's fashion that's annoying you today?
i wish instagram was less important. there are obviously virtues, it's a nice search engine but it's clearly changed the whole industry and it's become an indispensable tool. i sometimes feel like my job is to produce images for instagram...

your fetish object? how much does it weigh?
it's a bit embarrassing but i don't have a fetish object... maybe my necklaces. one with a diamond clip that was found by my grandmother, a necklace that my husband gave me, a medal from one of my daughters and a shell necklace that was sold on the beach this summer! but i have no idea how much they weigh...

what's important in your life?
my family.

your objectsle gramme, which ones are they? how do you wear them?
i have several bracelets: the 15g slick polished, the 23g polished pyramid guilloché and the 13g polished vertical guilloché, all in 925 silver. i wear them all the time, and together, i like to accumulate them.

finally, how would you define the stylele gramme?
minimal, clean, and radical. very much like adrien and erwan.

photographer: ©amit israeli
"I don't have rituals. I try to get superstition out of my daily routine. »
his accumulation
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