gregoris pyrpylis

meet a make-up artist with a calm and charming Olympian charm.

what feeds you in your job, what is the source of your inspiration?
when I do make-up for an editorial, I'm part of a team, we work to serve a line defined by the artistic direction. in this case, I'm inspired by this drawn intention and by those around me. above all, I love simplicity, I avoid overload, my research favours a minimalist rendering. so, my travel preferences go to peaceful places like nepal. in these places, i arrive at a state of calmness such that at a certain moment, a complete clarity in my mind is established, an elastic space during which new ideas come to me.

who are the people who are references for you in your work?
the first person who comes to mind is my mentor: tom pecheux. i was lucky enough to assist him for three years, it was a chance, few people realize their dreams, mine was to assist him while i was still living in greece. there are artists too, like the fashion designer raf simons who amazes me with his management of colours and shapes or like the photographer herb ritts who made me fall in love with fashion and beauty through his images.

what compliment would you like to hear where to hear again in your job?
that my work is invisible. this is true even for a red mouth or a smoky look. i'm looking for naturalness in the sense that the make up must be an integral part of the person, of his or her deepest nature, of what he or she wants to keep quiet or claim from his or her morphology or even his or her soul.

the city or the destination that inspires you or resembles you?
I would certainly say a small island of the cyclades like folegandros. i spend the month of august there almost systematically. the combination of light, architecture, air, landscape, make me feel that my soul is freeing itself, I am extremely happy and light there.
"Above all, I love simplicity, I avoid overload, my research favours a minimalist rendering. Thus, my travel preferences go to peaceful places like Nepal. »
how would you define your way of being and living?
i try to lead a very normal, basically simple life. i don't want to get attached to objects, to material things. i prefer people to them. until the end, i will treat others with respect, in my opinion good manners are one of the keys to happiness. i need fluidity, tranquillity and gentleness in my life. so i make sure to surround myself with nice and sincere people with simple values. kindness is so elegant.

your favourite themes in your creative approach?
i have a colour that i like very much and which is rather "underrated" nowadays in make-up: white. white is played in small touches, and the light it brings can literally change everything by bringing something imperceptible and modern. i like to work on the natural side - by that i mean the very nature of the person - by bringing a slight twist.

the person you would have dreamed of being able to make up?
without hesitation: meryl streep. head to toe! i love this woman from every point of view, her work as an actress, what she brings out in interviews, her deep humanity. i would have liked to paint her with a gold liquid, to make her look like an oscar award winner. to visually express that golden aura that emanates from her person.

your signature in make-up?
i think the people i've been lucky enough to work for would tell you that my make-ups look effortless even though it takes a lot of work. that's exactly what i'm looking for. it's exactly what i'm looking for. i want people to think: "this person looks radiant" rather than "she looks great in make-up". what motivates me every time is to adapt to the person i'm doing the make-up for, to identify their assets and to value them. what works for one person won't work for the other, you have to adapt to the morphology but also to the psychology of each person, to the way they feel. some people are made to wear masterpieces (like a very red mouth), others are not, it always comes back to the nature of the person. wearing what is made for you, rather than what is done. make-up should reveal someone's truth rather than hide it.

your biggest challenge as a make up artist?
i'm very proud to be collaborating with a major brand this summer, but i can't say more at the moment. and i dream of one day being the creative director of a make-up brand, designing products, defining textures, developing colours, it would be a great joy.

your ritual in your job?
before starting to work, I lay out on a table everything I need in a specific order and with extreme regularity, it takes me time but it's my way of relaxing, of refocusing... there is also the preparation of the skin which is part of the ritual, massaging it, cleaning it, to give it back its light so as to use as little material as possible. the make up must be a moment of true luxury. you have to know how to appreciate this moment, whether it lasts five minutes or thirty. appreciating this time counts as much as the result.
"I don't want to get attached to objects, materials. I prefer people to them. Until the end, I will treat others with respect, in my opinion good manners are one of the keys to happiness. »
the make-up that annoys you?
uniformity. wanting to make everyone look the same, despite everyone's differences.

you should never fall into that trap. have you always wanted to be a make-up artist?
i've always been in search of beauty, aesthetics. as a child, i was already demanding, whether it was for my hair, my clothes, the decoration of the house. yet my dream, until i was 18, was to become an english teacher. then i met my best friend who introduced me to make up, and that's how i decided to express myself. meeting someone else would have certainly made me someone else, but still around aesthetics, maybe i would have become an architect or a designer, who knows...

a favourite place to usually find you?
in the gardens of the royal palace, on a bench, listening to music or just looking at people. it's a place that I find very energizing, I feel good there.

your favourite object? how much does it weigh? for the
last 5 years, I've been wearing a red thread on my left wrist with a tiny golden shell that reminds me of Greece.

what carries weight in your life?
the people around me, family, friends. and i'll also say health because it goes hand in hand with the feeling of tranquility.

your objectsle gramme, what are they? how do you wear them?
first i started with the brushed 7g that i wear permanently on my right wrist. it's a symbol, the person i love wears the same one. i also have the polished 21g that i wear in assembly with my 7g. i like the serenity and tranquility of le grammeThe perfect line that wraps around the wrist, the simplified design that becomes personal depending on who wears it. there is a great calm about this brand. I mechanically touch my bracelets, regularly without always realizing it, it relaxes and reassures me, a bit like one would do with a grigri.

if you could give a new shape to itle gramme, what would it be?
i'll put a little touch of highlight on an unworked skin. a touch of light on a point of the face, a minimal, elegant and fluid sign, like a piece of architecture.

photographer : amit israeli

stylist : elodie david-touboul
"I mechanically touch my bracelets, regularly without always realising it, it relaxes and reassures me, a bit like one would do with a juju. »
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