jacques shu

press attaché for four years for dior homme, then freelance for 12 years with clients such as kitsuné, chevignon or de fursac... he chose to turn the page on fashion to devote himself to another career, that of real estate agent. interview with a passionate person who has never been afraid to step out of his comfort zone...

what feeds you in this new job, what is the source of your motivation?
I do a job that is not so different from that of press relations, after all, it's always about knowing how to advise people, reassuring them, guiding them in the best possible choice to finally satisfy them. Whether it's journalists, brands or now buyers, it's always the people and their encounters that inspire me. The trust of others feeds me, I find myself projected into the intimacy of each client (the arrival of a baby, an inheritance, the beginning or even the end of a story...), I arrive at a moment that is often a landmark in a life, we find ourselves looking for a blank page together, the ground for a new adventure, I suddenly become a small stone in a huge building.

what are the people who are references for you?
i've been lucky enough to meet people who believed in me, people who are instinctive and in the moment rather than in theory. these encounters are crucial, but the ultimate reference is my father. he gave me a taste for effort, an appetite for work. i try to live up to the courage that he had to and knew how to show in his life. he fled china in 1946 with a procession of refugees, he was only ten years old, he was alone, his parents stayed there, he saw them again 30 years later. when he arrived in taiwan, he had nothing, he studied there, then he left for paris with only a catholic home as his address. he passed his doctorate at jussieu, he learned everything, became a university professor, founded a home, raised four children. He instilled in me this permanent desire for a better life, to never be afraid to start from nothing, to dare to put oneself in danger in order to finally win the game, even if it is a long one.

the city or the country that inspires you, resembles you?
i love travelling in south-east asia, especially in thailand, it's a country where i feel really good. they've managed to bring together the culture of the past and at the same time an almost futuristic side at times. i'm thinking in particular of koh lipe, a small island in the very south. i also lived in india for three months last year, it was a moment of adjustment, an almost initiatory phase. the right place to question yourself, to decide to do something radically different?
"I've had the chance to meet people who believed in me, people who are in the instinct and the moment rather than in theory. »
what is the art of living according to you?
my father offered me the conscience of free will, of the freedom of control that everyone has over his life. so i fully choose what i do, what i live, with whom i decide to live or undertake each thing. you have to remain master of your life and not be subjected to it, otherwise you only betray yourself indefinitely. you have to dare to follow your intuition, against all odds. my ideal epitaph would be "he lived as he wanted".

your reference project?
many projects have made me very proud. for example, there was the collaboration with chevignon, which started from a simple idea I had suggested, without any experience in styling... once again, I had benevolent personalities at my side, who had the audacity to try adventures. we reinterpreted the iconic chevignon comforter according to five cities: london inspired by an english tartan, Paris adorned with a grey chevron, tokyo with a japanese floral fabric, capri with a seer sucker pattern and new york which revisited the american teddy.

your favourite expression?
only death is irremediable. people often forget that, while everything else is to be put into perspective.

your biggest challenge achieved or to be achieved?
when i left the comfortable surroundings of dior to go freelance at 26, i felt like jumping into a void. in retrospect, i loved that feeling, that field of possibilities that you only see when you have the audacity to put yourself in complete danger, when you decide to start the machine from scratch. I will always be satisfied to have at least tried, giving up in the face of difficulty is something that particularly annoys me.

if you didn't work in your current profession, what profession would you do?
I would have liked to be an interior designer, to create an atmosphere, to find the right object or piece of furniture, to modulate a place, to work on its volumes. in my new job, i'm always instinctively in the reconfiguration, in the projection of places, in the imagination of the other.

a favourite place where you usually find yourself?
if it's not in bila beach, it could be at a yoga class or in some addresses in the north of paris: at bob's kitchen in the pajol hall in the 18th for brunch, a really good restaurant (vegan and gluten free). the brasserie du 104 in the 19th, yikou rue de l'aqueduc in the 10th or maison nomade in the 10th. for me these places are the expression of the mutation of the north of paris which I follow very closely the urban renewal ...
"A lot of projects made me very proud. There was the collaboration with chevignon, which was just an idea I had suggested, without any design experience..."
your favourite object? how much does it weigh?
certainly the watch I finally gave myself, as one gives oneself a reward when one has worked well, I've wanted it for a very long time: an air king rolex with a midnight blue steel background. I never leave it, just like my wedding ring, which is a symbol beyond a fetish. it must weigh 100 grams.

what does it weigh in your life?
the wording of this question is interesting... weight evokes the importance of things as much as a form of burden... I think then of education. education is essential, it shapes and forms, it allows us to live together, to respect others, it is a compass, up to the point where it can prevent us from moving forward fully... we must be able to make the most of it and manage to free ourselves from it to write our own history.

what are your objectsle gramme, what are they? how do you use them?
i have a cable and a bangle in silver on my right wrist, i even sleep with it. i wear them in accumulation with a small thai bracelet, a souvenir of my first trip with my lover.

if le grammeit was a decoration, which one would it be?
it would certainly be a haussmannian apartment for the resolutely French dimension of the brand, its Parisian chic side, at once discreet, sober and elegant. haussmannian, then, but very pure, not very furnished with bleached parquet flooring. something contemporary and minimal.
"Education is essential, it shapes and forms, it enables us to live together, to respect others, it is a compass, until it can prevent us from moving forward fully..."
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