jean-pierre marois

When he attended the inauguration of the baths as a teenager in 1978, he didn't know that 37 years later he would re-open and transform the place into a real living space, consisting of a hotel, a restaurant and a nightclub. in the meantime, he became a fashion photographer in new york, then director and producer or co-producer of films such as mary d'abel ferrara, babel d'alejandro inaritu, south of the border d'oliver stone... it was on the initiative of thomas erber that jean-pierre marois le grammemet and created an exclusive bracelet for the baths, a 33g bracelet with an engraved engraved 925 silver polished finish, stamped with a bacchus head, the original emblem of the place.

how do people introduce you when they talk about you in your profession?
people often simplify by forming the combination: film producer/hotel owner. some focus on my most recent activity which is to be the owner of the baths.

as a film/hotel producer, what is the thing said about you that touches you the most?
whatever my job, the challenge for me is to reach the audience, to make an echo. whether it's the baths or a film. we're here to tell a story, to offer an experience and emotions. when people tell me that they had a wonderful evening, that the world of the baths echoes in their homes, that they find the place beautiful, I feel like I've fulfilled my mission.

what is the most important thing in the daily life of a storyteller?
it's always inventing new things, continuing to tell a story by writing new chapters. you have to be inventive and creative. that's the best way to keep on seducing people.
"Whatever my job, the challenge for me is to reach the public, to make an echo. »
le gramme is a lifestyle brand for men, it offers essential objects, in your universe precisely what is the iconic element, the one that symbolizes you?
it is our bacchus, the emblem of the baths, which is a reinterpretation of the one on the facade of the place, which dates back to 1885. We had it redesigned by an illustrator by integrating torchlight sirens echoing those that decorate the porch. our logo is thus at the confluence between something masculine and feminine, between this symbol of celebration and life and the aquatic dimension that is obviously characteristic of the baths.

and your objectle gramme, what is it?
it's the 33g bracelet in polished 925 silver. this piece has been specially designed for the baths, it's recognizable by its engraved bacchus. nicolas ouchenir has also calligraphed a sentence inside.

how do you wear it?
i wear it alone, next to a brazilian bracelet.

if le grammethere was music for example, what would it be?
it would be a kraftwerk title. a german band, inventor of electronic music, which proposed very simple and innovative arrangements.
"Our logo is thus at the confluence between something masculine and feminine, between this symbol of celebration, of life and the aquatic dimension obviously characteristic of the baths."
what is the gift you would like to receive soon?
a classic car like a jaguar type e!

what gift do you give to people you love?
i like to give our scented candle, the athmosphere candle Les bains guerbois, the wax has been poured into a matt white porcelain biscuit jar engraved with our bacchus.

what is your favorite object? how much does it weigh?
a small desk clock from the 60's that i found at the flea market. it weighs 300g. it has to be wound so when i forget, i have to put it back on time - it's a real ritual.

what's important in your life?
my family.

where can i find you at the moment?
at select (99 boulevard du montparnasse, paris 6e).

photographer : ©benoit linero
"a little desk clock from the '60s that I found at the flea market that weighs an ounce and a half. »
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