The Father's Day offer

On the occasion of Father's Day, offers le grammeyou all types of customization on the entire site from May 31 to June 11 at noon. Offer one of our objects and personalize it with a first name, a date or a thought. You can choose between laser engraving, calligraphy by Nicolas Ouchenir or hand engraved by a Parisian craftsman*. Any order placed before June 11th at noon is guaranteed to arrive in time for Father's Day!

A little extra for Parisians: for all orders placed between 13 and 15 June at 4pm, delivery by courier within Paris intramurals is free**.

* Personalized items are neither exchangeable nor refundable. ** For all orders with engraving placed after June 11th at noon, delivery is not guaranteed for Father's Day.

Find below our proposal of gift ideas for Father's Day!
"1,678 grams of squash, silver grit and articlesle gramme."
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