marie beltrami

what nourishes your creativity, what is the source of your inspiration?
i draw from what surrounds me, what i see, what i hear, what i dream about. everything becomes an object of inspiration. my eyes cross something, it can be in the street, simply on the floor or on my desk... and then things come together at that moment, without me even trying to put them together. so there was this toy that alexis' cat (mabille) played with, a little foam mouse, which no one would usually pay attention to, I couldn't tell which of her or me found the other one and the mouse ring was on its way, it was the same with these subway tickets I had made bags of in 1980.

what are the people who are references for you in your job?
being a reference for me goes through emotion, the feeling provoked. yves saint laurent upset me, I cried at every show, in front of so much perfection, so much accuracy and his ability to never do anything else than what he really liked. i also think of arletti, the moon in my book speaks like her, with that unforgettable stamp and jargon, that street slang... there are beyond the referent people, people with whom we are in connivance, without even knowing them like elsa schiaparelli, i didn't know her work and yet our creations seemed to answer each other as if we were relatives. and of course, i think of jean-paul gaultier and thierry mugler, we always evolved together, in parallel.

what compliment would you like to hear or hear again about your work?
that i was bold. i was told that one day. you often have to take risks to go into the light, whether it's to receive tomatoes or flowers, to finally know if you're right.

the city or destination that inspires you or resembles you?
I feel good everywhere, I've never had to go far. my home is the place where I gather, where I build. i like the idea that you can be your own destination, that you can create from nothing, which is what i had to do when i wrote my book. I wrote without knowing where it was going to end up. there's also rome which gives me a strange feeling of déjà vu. my father was italian, he had fled the regime and didn't want us to go back there, when I found myself there I felt a strong emotion, the feeling of being at home there, some places remind us of...
« generally, rather than give people what they want and what they know, i prefer to try and give them something that they haven’t yet realised that they like. »
how would you define your way of being and living?
i'm free. daring doesn't go without freedom. so i'm free in everything, free of my time, free of the direction i give to my life, i'm an eternal undisciplined person. i've had that pegged to my body since childhood, i already hated orders, i braved hierarchy, i was often punished, i despised conventions. I had my son when I was 16 years old, against everyone's advice. he told me one day that I had given him the right to live, it's an immense gift to make such a declaration. at 16 I was already determined (decided to keep my child), I never fit into any box. "... people have sometimes reproached me for this eclecticism. i was ahead of our time, which now wants us to have several strings to our bow.

a favourite colour?
Contrary to what one might think, it's not pink, which I would prefer black if I had to choose. my pink hair came by chance, I was making this clip for the French games with arièle dombasle, I was in charge of the costumes and I had put a pink wig on the models. One of the days after the shooting, I put one of those wigs on to go shopping in the department stores. People looked at me smiling, it put them in a good mood. I wanted to continue to generate that feeling, an echo perhaps of my first job as a nurse where I did good for those who needed it. since then, everyone has been offering me pink stuff...

your reference project?
my book, because it's what was the longest, the most difficult and at the same time the most fun to do. I started it ten years ago, when Jack Kennedy's father clicked on the nickname "inga binga" given to his son's mistress, a former Danish Miss suspected of being a Nazi agent. I was startled by the nickname and wrote it down on a piece of paper that I lost and then found again. I wanted to write a tale about an inga binga who finally had little to do with her original honomyne! I put in this book everything that came into my head, freely once again. the hardest thing was finally to come full circle because my imagination was completely unbridled. i had to work a lot, to search, to finally find it. do

you have any rituals in life?
i have a fantastic ritual which will seem strange to some people but which i have not deviated from for a very long time: the cold bath of the buttocks. every morning, i put on several sweaters - you have to be very warm on your upper body - and i soak my buttocks for 5 minutes in very cold water, lifting my feet up in the air. i recommend it.
« generally, rather than give people what they want and what they know, i prefer to try and give them something that they haven’t yet realised that they like. »
the type of creation that annoys you?
i see in copying others a terrible lack of sincerity.

a favourite place to usually find you?
i'm almost always at home, otherwise i like to go to the flora. it's a place where i feel a lot of positive things.

your favourite object? how much does it weigh?
my book maybe. not only because I spent a lot of time there, but rather because I had to read a lot, I refer to a lot of people without whom I wouldn't have been able to get to the end, it's the sum of it all. it weighs 393 grams.

what is important in your life?
my relationship with others as well as with myself and freedom, a freedom without revolt but which aims to be in harmony with what we are deeply.

your objectsle gramme, what are they? how do you wear them? what attracts le grammeyou to them?
i have the 925 silver cuff 67g. i wear it mainly with my "chicken leg" pendant. i made this jewel in homage to my friend edwige who always had a real chicken leg attached to her jacket... i reproduced it for the eva ionesco film. i like this bracelet. le gramme for her simple and fair beauty, I've always been positively jealous of the purity of her line.

if le grammewas a quote?
le gramme walked on the heels of the world and announced his inescapable victory over the wrists of human beings...deviation from a quote from *john gives
« generally, rather than give people what they want and what they know, i prefer to try and give them something that they haven’t yet realised that they like. »
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