moulika varango

tell me what brought you to do this job?
i grew up in abidjan, in a very intellectual universe which did not necessarily lead me to the world of fashion, while being rocked in the opium context of saint-laurent. this context has participated and still participates in my passion for detail, in my definition of the elegant woman. elegance is the essence of a silhouette, beyond a piece, it is the gestures that ultimately serve and transcend the garment. it took my parents a little time to understand this choice of sale, but I had a reputation as a enfant terrible to hold on to! I saw it as an intellectual challenge that finally made them proud, I went through the bookshelves and studied fashion like a first in class, I had to learn the codes. believing in each opportunity and deciding to take a chance on it did the rest.

what nourishes your style, what is the source of your inspiration?
these are indisputably my emotions. I am of the astrological sign of the lion, what I feel is a fire that nourishes me. the emotion of the moment is paramount.
the psychological state in which i wake up sets the tone. this morning, i was in a good mood, this energy takes me somewhere, gives me a particular desire, the desire for a detail. certain details are permanent signature elements like my waist chain.

who are the people who are references for you in your profession? i
'm obviously thinking of melanie huynh, beyond the fact that she's become a friend, i'm stylistically in tune with her, we're emotionally aligned. i particularly like her persistence to never dress to please people but to please herself. it's a rule that should never be broken. like her, i dress to please myself above all, outside of conventions. dressing is claiming an identity, so i cultivate my androgyny, it's one of my trademarks.

what compliment would you like to hear again in your profession?
"thank you for passing on your passion", words spoken by my team and my clients. i have the chance to do a job that i love very much and i consider passion to be an indispensable condition for it. without passion there is no taking a stand and therefore no exposure. a style without passion is useless, i would even say that it doesn't exist. behind my style and behind every style, there must be messages. my femininity is out of convention, my style is the claim.

the city or destination that inspires you or resembles you?
there's Paris of course, because that's the city I chose and it remains the capital of fashion no matter what people say, home to the greatest designers like gaultier, yamamoto, saint-laurent, like boys, balenciaga. paris has a cultural richness linked to crossbreeding, it's a creative breeding ground without equal. this city keeps my mind awake at all levels, from architecture to a dish or a glass of good wine. and then there's los angeles... I dream of living here, it's a small city within the united states. a kind of reconstitution of betting on an american scale. i see rodeo drive and pretty woman there! i wish i could contribute to nourishing the french touch there, to reinvent the ceremonial and the chic à la française, this art that we have somewhat lost and which consists in being the host of the world.
"I am of the zodiac sign of the lion, what I feel is a fire that feeds me. The emotion of the moment is paramount. The psychological state in which I wake up sets the tone."
how would you define your way of being and living?
authentic! it's not a question of hijacking codes out of a spirit of contradiction, it's much more complex than that. at the beginning, there's anne-laure (my original first name), my attachment to religion, to family, to my values; and the visible expression of what I am is moulika. i'll never fit into the mould, no one should, by the way. i enjoy codes that are constantly changing anyway.

your favourite themes in your approach to fashion?
i'd say accessories, black and jeans but reworked. i can wear a completely fart jeans but with a satin jacket and details that change the game. never more than three colours is also one of my fundamentals. knowing not to take yourself too seriously is also a real asset.

the person you dream of being able to dress?
how do you choose? there's the perfect plastic of grace jones, a true artist, a woman of colour who is a perfect representation of women's independence and empowerment, a muse before she's even the muse of alaïa. charlize theron also makes me dream, blonde and pulpy, south african by the way. and angelina jolie, perfectly demented in tomb raider.

do you have any rituals in life?
i do a prayer when i wake up, i believe in the law of attraction, so i visualize my day. and then in a more pragmatic way: put on my rings and bracelets before I get dressed, right after my shower, before I wear anything, like others would put on their lingerie. my hardware follows me everywhere.
"I'll never fit the mold, nobody should. I enjoy codes that are always changing anyway. »
the style that annoys you?
the one that doesn't match the person's image and finally becomes worse than a disguise to the point of ridicule. some people see an outfit as a means of social existence and finally get the opposite effect. they look for the "last piece" simply to own it, without passion, in an opportunistic way. there is no game, no truth.

a favourite place to usually find you?
if they look for me outside, they will find me on the terrace of the westin, drinking a mojito after work or some evenings at the alcazar. I am nevertheless most of the time at the office or at home, I confess that I like to be in my den, it's my oxygen bubble.

your fetish object? how much does it weigh?
my fetishes are my tattoos. I have several of them, an armour that goes from the shoulder to the wrist, nefertiti, a lion, goddesses holding hands... and then my rings, removing them would be as difficult as removing one of my tattoos.

What carries weight in your life?
god, family and my work.

your objectsle gramme, what are they?
a 33g silverslick polished, and the cable9g also in silverslick polished.

if le grammewas a garment?
a perfecto, an essential piece of the wardrobe both rock'n'roll and timeless.
"Some people see an outfit as a means of social existence and eventually get the opposite effect. They look for the "last piece" simply to own it, passionlessly, opportunistically. »
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