nicolas ouchenir

how do people introduce you when they talk about you in your job?
people started to introduce me as "the calligrapher". first of all, the one for the invitations of the parades, for which I became in spite of myself a kind of obliged and calligraphed passage like other referent people for the light or the sitting... I propose since the beginning another type of calligraphy, I make it reborn each time by proposing new writings. this process of defining others through calligraphy has led me as far as creating identities for brands.

what is the thing said about you as a calligrapher that particularly touches you?
first of all, you have to understand that I do a job in which I express feelings and my perception of the definition of a person or a brand... I invent and interpret a theme for it, I want to open up a new field. I invent and interpret a theme for it, I want to open up a new field. what touches me therefore comes through a look that I see changing rather than through words. then there are those who tell me they feel different or those who feel a before/after the proposed calligraphy, a bit like after a journey.

what is the most important thing in your daily work?
the people around me. because trying to bring out what is inside you is the most difficult thing: you must neither stray nor betray yourself and always do it with humility. to do that, you have to surround yourself with people who are your landmarks and inspiration.

what is the iconic object of your job, the one that symbolizes you?
it's definitely paper and not the pen (which is everywhere). i'm a real paper junkie, i touch it, i roll it, i tear up the bills in my pockets. because it's the paper that creates the echo, that gives the sound to the pen. a pen alone has no sound.
"people started referring to me as "the calligrapher." »
how do you le grammewear it?
le gramme has this ancestral, patrimonial, timeless side, as a sign of belonging that we see in tribes, where the bracelet that accompanies us at birth. it is not a bracelet at all, but an experience that you have to wear to perceive all its delicacy and potential. le gramme is an essential piece of jewellery whose personality ultimately depends on the person wearing it. you can't wear it without personality because it needs to succeed without artifice. this simplicity hides an immense strength, and a lot of weight. i have seven bracelets. le grammeI wear them all the time, so I've had to get used to working with them, le gramme sometimes written at the same time as me, as

if le grammeI had an independent life. what kind of writing would it be?
it would be cold writing if you don't touch it, but definitely warm to the touch. fine, sharp writing, very signed. something ugly pretty. and if it was a letter, it would be the g of course, precisely cut.

what is the gift you would like to receive soon?
I've just been given a nephew, which is the ideal gift, the kind of happiness that you don't put on a list to Santa Claus, for whom I often calligraphy lists or thank you letters. but receiving a gift is already wonderful, just for the pleasure of unwrapping it... and since I prefer experiences to objects, let's say a ticket to see marie-agnès gillot at the paris opera.
"and if it were a letter, it would be the g of course, cut precisely. »
what gift do you give to someone you love?
i givele gramme, actually i give my bracelets and then i have to buy some more. i also give calligraphic portraits or letters.

what is your favourite object? how much does it weigh?
it's an old snoopy that my father gave me when I was born. he's obviously become very ugly, looking a bit silly with his little red sweater, he's lost his shorts and a bit of weight over the years to reach 500 grams.

what does it weigh in your life?
the people I love: my parents and my family, my friends, my lover.

a favorite place to find you?
I'm easy to find, unlike calligraphy... I'm usually found in my studio, which I find very beautiful because it's a lively, stained, painted place... and even if I'm not there, I'm there in the end, thanks to the people who work there and who are an extension of me. and maybe soon in africa, to go and see the dogons.

photographer : ©benoit linero
"I'm usually found in my studio, which I find very beautiful because it's a lively, stained, painted place..."
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