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la bague

en 2015, le gramme a dévoilé sa première collection de bagues, une déclinaison de son iconique bracelet ruban. fabriquées en...
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un cadeau d'esthète

cadeaux d’esthètes, les créations le gramme tirent leur force du soin porté aux détails et de leur apparente simplicité. ils...
02.11.20 in inspirations

le gramme by robin galiègue

photographer: robin galiègue
stylist: manon hvejsel sarron
mua: marie duhart
hair: yann turchi
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dieter rams

Genius, God, absolute master... We’re not entirely sure the man whose motto was “Weniger, aber besser/Less...
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otl aicher

25.06.19 in inspirations

etienne-louis boullée

At the end of the Enlightenment, art - be it painting, sculpture or architecture - is meant to be moral ...
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richard buckminster fuller

sometimes a very bad idea can lead to a bigger one... at age 32, richard buckminster fuller considered...
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212g of salad,925 sterling silver and objectsle gramme.
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raymond loewy

the most complex things to draw are those with the simplest aesthetics. each object le grammeapplies...
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le gramme wishes you a very happy new year!
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the accumulation

accumulate to create its own language... this technique has always crossed the history of art, filling the eye to satisfy the mind, tempting...
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gold 750

Passionate about the material, the creative project le grammeexplores the possibilities offered by the precious metal. his creative project925 sterling silver was his...
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with its rings in white, yellow and red 750 gold, with a radical and airy look, le gramme...
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925 sterling silver

more commonly known as solid silver, it925 sterling silver owes its name to its composition made of 925 thousandths of pure silver and...
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Father's Day offer

on the occasion of Father's Day, offers le grammeyou all types of personalization on the entire site .
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Mother's Day special offer

May 27th is Mother's Day! For the occasion, le grammehas made a selection of 10 objects .
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le gramme approaches the object through the prism of an uncompromising aesthetics. its resolutely functionalist approach brings each creation back to the essence of...
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objects by victory the tarnec

a curation of objects put in situation with braceletsle gramme, photographed by victory the tarnec.
30.03.18 in inspirations

the bracelet

the first object le grammewas the bracelet, designed in an uncompromising aesthetic, each detail being calibrated to fit the...
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in ice | fw18

on March 4th, le grammepresented to the press all of his objects in a dedicated staging ...
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diptych of Valentine's Day objects

le gramme considers the couple as a diptych, our worn objects link two people and symbolize a...
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pop up at white bird

On January 18, the pop up le grammelaunch will take place at the White Bird Shop in...
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pop up Christmas store

127 rue de turenne, 75003 paris
from 14 december to 24 december 2017
every day from monday to sunday :...
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nude by thierry bouët

thierry bouët photographed men and women carrying only objectsle gramme.