thierry bouët

What inspires you in your work and life?
Fear of the blank page.

Which people do you regard as benchmarks in your line of work?
Everyone I meet, automatically, whatever the genre.

What compliment have you heard or would like to hear about your work
“You’re having a laugh, you old bastard”

Which city or destination inspires you or reflects your personality
Paris, its strikes, traffic jams, demonstrations, and general grumpiness. I wouldn’t live anywhere else!
"Everyone I meet, automatically, whatever the genre."
How would you describe Thierry Bouët’s art of living?
I party during the day and rest at night.

Which project means most to you? The most aesthetically pleasing or challenging one.
Taking photographs of Paris with a drone during the lockdown. Until I got arrested!

Do you have any rituals? (Work or life).
Two "Winston Longue Rouge" a day.

What sort of photographs annoy or, worse, bore you?
Broads that pose like actresses all day but have anything to say irritate and fascinate me at the same time.
"I party during the day and rest at night. »
What is your favourite place? The place people know they can find you.
My studio.

What’s your favourite object? The object you would save first in a natural disaster? How much does it weigh?
Four heavy boxes of negatives (120kg!).

What has weight in your life?
Travelling as a couple, including in Paris.

Which le gramme objects do you possess? How do you wear them?
I took off my bracelets 30 years ago.

If LE GRAMME was a photograph, what would it be? Who would it be? What would it represent if it wasn’t a jewel?
Photography is a business. I trade ideas for cheques.
"Photography is a business. I trade ideas for cheques."
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