thomas erber

how do people introduce you when they talk about you in your job?
people often know me as the journalist I was for about fifteen years, participating in the creation of magazines like jealous, optimum, vogue homme, creating the official travel magazine, directing the world's lifestyle supplements, or co-producing programs like pink on france 2, my common thread always being the exploration of the cultural and creative fields that fascinated me such as music, design, fashion, travel, literature, cinema, photography.. other people would perhaps speak first about thomas erber's cabinet of curiosities that i launched in 2001 at colette. an event that has become an annual event since the first one that I took around the world, and which takes place in an exceptional place during which, for one month, I bring together between fifty and one hundred designers, creators, brands who take part in the adventure by each creating a unique piece or a limited edition each in their own field while sublimating their know-how. I also publish a book for the occasion, organize a grand opening, and many other things that revolve around all forms of contemporary creations...

it is each time the opportunity to bring together designers and brands while offering them a new window of international visibility. the 6th "anniversary" edition (2010-2015) was held in paris, between colette, le molière and les bains. this project is constantly evolving, and is currently reaching what i call its "second half", the next step being a permanent installation in a parisian palace, then the resumption of its roaming around the world until the inauguration in 2020 of a giant cabinet of curiosities in which the hundred most beautiful designers of the decade will be presented, first from paris and then in what we know will be the capitals of the future. the whole thing should end up as a museum or foundation testifying to the cultural changes of our time.

finally, some would present me as a consultant where I excel in the world of luxury, fashion and design, or as the co-founder of the clothing brand geym, the gallery, production workshop and artist's residence "atelier relief" and, the online sales platform for 21st century design collectibles.

what is it about you in all these professions that particularly touches you?
that i am curious, but also that i am loyal. loyalty is a value that is in the process of being lost. i would also like to be said that i am a visionary, because in the end the museum must translate a new cultural dimension of our time versus the "fine arts" vision. furniture, fashion, photography, jewellery etc. have become major cultural fields as much as a work of rodin or a neon of cy twombly. it is important to look at things at the dawn of the day.

what is the most important thing in your day-to-day work?
wonder, beauty. wonder first of all because it keeps you awake. beauty that provokes emotion without thinking, even if it makes you think later on. it can be lightning-fast, but it can also be calmer, slower - sometimes better. and of course there is rigour, that discipline that allows you to carry out a project that, in the end, makes sense.
" furniture, fashion, photography, jewellery etc. have become major cultural fields as much as a work of rodin or a neon cy twombly. "
le gramme is a lifestyle brand for men, it offers essential objects, in your universe precisely what is the iconic element, the one that symbolizes you?
a watch with great complication? there is in Haute Horlogerie, an art form combined with supreme craftsmanship made up of an assembly of unheard-of know-how and the accumulation of extremely fine and precise, and unique things! that's the essence of what I like to highlight. and that's why i always try to have a fine watchmaking factory present at every thomas erber curiosity cabinet.

and your objectle gramme, what is it?
my wife's bracelet that i borrow from her... often ... there is also the 21g that adrien and erwan gave me, in which is engraved a very pretty sentence that i will keep for myself. otherwise i really like the ring the 9g of le gramme adrien gave me. his simplicity is disarming, especially since finding men's rings is not so easy...

how do you wear them?
as an extension of myself. i wear one or the other, sometimes both. i like the ability to assemble these objects to create a clever personalization, in other words, a piece of my own. i also like the almost iconic character of these bracelets, it reminds me of pieces from the ibiza/70's period that would be contemporary again.

if le grammethere was a designer... what would he or she be?
well, it would be a mix between rothko and mondrian. it's a bit pretentious to say that. but i'm pretentious so i assume ...
"I love the ability to assemble these objects to create a clever personalization, in other words, a piece of my own. »
what is the gift you like to give to those you love?
love always.

what is your favourite object? how much does it weigh?
I have several, first of all a butcher's ring which is not so far from some of the braceletsle gramme, then a montblanc pen which is a reissue of a 1906 travel fountain pen, and finally this famous custom-made bracelet that I asked Adrien and Erwan to set with two precious stones at each end so that only my wife can see them, it weighs 37g, and I often borrow it....

what's important in your life?
my children, my wife, my friends.

where is the best place to find you at the moment?
everywhere. at home. or with the dads, my friends from deia.

photographer : ©benoit linero
" that famous custom-made bracelet I asked adrien and erwan to set two gemstones on each end so that only my wife could see them "
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