the art of gifting

what could be more complex than giving a gift to a man? le gramme has imagined essential, precious and universal objects. all jewellery le gramme is adapted to the man who wears it, or the woman who borrows it.

gifts for aesthetes, the creations le gramme draw their strength from the care taken with details and their apparent simplicity. they are made in France, the fruit of industrial craftsmanship that unites the precision of the machine with the gesture of the man.

the choice of a material, a print and a finish make the jewel le gramme a personalized gift. mechanical engraving or calligraphy finalizes this experience and makes each bracelet, ring, or necklace unique.

Beyond the object, it is also the moment offered that animates us, so we attach particular care to our packaging, because opening a package is almost as pleasant as owning an object; just as preparing a trip is as exciting as living it. That's why we have designed a packaging that is part of the experiencele gramme.

gifts of aesthetes, the creations le grammedraw their strength from the attention to detail.