each le gramme creation can be personalized.*

engraving brings a personal dimension, it can remind a memory, be a wink, but also be simply useful. engraving is the sign of an additional attention, it reinforces the notion of unique and personal gift.

jewels can be engraved with initials, a quote, a date, GPS coordinates, a phone number, a blood group, a mantra, a first and last name, a weight, a school, a year of graduation...

we can make three types of engraving: mechanical engraving, engraved calligraphy or hand engraving.
- mechanical engraving is done by laser to affix numbers, letters or signs.
- for text elements, the calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir works freehand on the material by making full and untied with an instrument, calligraphy brings both an artistic and craft dimension to the object.
- the hand engraving is made by the craftsman engraver Grégory Morisot, he decorates the precious metal with very fine chisels to create patterns by criss-crossing the material.

* personalised objects are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

The engraving is a sign of extra attention, it reinforces the notion of a unique and personal gift.