our precious metal jewellery is the fruit of craftsmanship and industry. each le gramme collection combines a specific shape, precious metal, imprint and finish that requires all the mastery of our French and German workshops.

france was an obvious choice when le gramme was launched in 2012 because of its exceptional jewellery know-how and our desire to export it internationally. germany came later because, thanks to its strong machining technique, it is now indispensable to our development.

these two countries, both renowned for their respective precision and know-how, combine all the human and technical qualities required to make jewellery le gramme.

Our precious metals

  • Silver 925 : Silver of 1st title composed of 925 thousandths of Silver and 75 thousandths of Copper.
  • 925 Black sterling silver : 925 Sterling Silver which has been treated with a surface treatment of 0.3 microns
  • Yellow gold 750 : 18 carat gold composed of 750 thousandths of pure gold, 150 thousandths of silver and 100 thousandths of copper.
  • Red gold 750 : 18 carat gold composed of 750 thousandths of pure gold, 40 thousandths of silver and 210 thousandths of copper.

our collections are made of untreated 925 silver and 750 gold in order to develop a patina over time. in the same way, the black 925 silver will evolve with the use of your jewel, the treatment carried out will fade in certain places, revealing the brilliance of the untreated silver.

each collection le grammecombines a shape, a precious metal, an imprint and a finish.

pattern and finish tags

the jewels le grammeare always characterized by an imprint and a finish. each variation has an identity imprint :

  • Slick pattern for permanent variations
  • engraved or guilloché-print for temporary collections

our finishes can be " polished ", " brushed " or " mat ", they enrich each object with a new relationship in the light :

  • "Polished" or "brushed" finish tag for the slick pattern tag
  • Polished" or "matt" finish tag for guilloché pattern tags
  • Polished" or "brushed" finish tag for engraved pattern tags


le gramme is a creative project around the object and its weight. each creation is named after its weight, a weight whose number is systematically odd.

each creation is named after its weight

stamps and engravings

each piece of jewellery le gramme wears the following punches and engravings:

  • the maker's mark guaranteeing the place of manufacture
  • the state stamp certifying the quality of the metal précieux : eagle's head for gold and minerva's head for silver
  • the hallmark le grammesigns the original creation of our brand
  • 925 or 750 certifying the purity of the precious metal
  • the logo le gramme
  • the batch number which guarantees the traceability of the object's production
  • the weight of the object in grams.