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750 Gold

LE GRAMME is passionate about materials and its design concept explores all the possibilities offered by precious metals. Its initial focus was on 925 Sterling Silver and later 750 Gold.

Because gold is cosmic.
The origin of gold is still open to question. It is thought to have come from a rare cosmic event, formed by the collision of two supernovas exploding in a cloud of neutrons. A collision powerful enough to cause an oscillation in the space-time curvature. Before it appeared in the earth’s mantle 200 million years ago, gold could have originated off-planet.

Because gold is multicoloured.
Yellow, red or white, the 750-18 carat gold worked by LE GRAMME is composed of 750/1000ths pure gold and a mixture of 250/1000ths copper and silver. The variable proportions of copper and silver result in gold colours ranging from yellow to red. For its sleek polished ring variation, LE GRAMME uses all three colours of gold.

Because gold is rare.
At the rate of 5mg per tonne of the earth’s matter, if one gathered together all the gold extracted since ancient times and all that still buried, we would end up with a cube measuring “just” 21 metres along its edges and weighing 200,000 tonnes.

Because gold is unalterable.
Whatever it is subjected to, gold remains intact; whether it is submerged or buried, its nature and weight will never vary. It is indestructible and infinitely reusable, the quantity present on earth will never increase or diminish however it is transformed. The wedding rings made by LE GRAMME reflect the unchanging nature of both the material and love itself.

Because gold is sacred.
Gold has always been associated with the divine because it is synonymous with immortality. The Ancient Egyptians considered that the flesh of the gods was made of gold; the Hebrews after they broke free from the shackles of Pharaoh, melted down their jewellery to make the golden calf which brought God’s wrath upon them and led to the destruction of the Tables of the Law. In India, the quantity of gold in temple offerings is currently estimated at more than 22,000 tonnes, quite enough to please the goddess Lakshmi. The law of reciprocity (“Love thy neighbour as thyself”) common to all religions regards purity of heart as a sacred virtue and is aptly named the Golden Rule.

Because gold is an obsession.
It was men’s fascination with gold that was behind the conquest of the New World, the California Dream, the Gold Rush, even leading to the destruction of the Aztec, Inca and American Indian civilisations; and it has persisted since the first nuggets were extracted 7,000 years ago. And neither King Midas, Scrooge McDuck nor Gollum would deny it, all the more since silence is golden.

Because gold is agile.
Gold is so malleable that just one gram of gold drawn out will make 3 km of gold wire or 3m2 of gold leaf. Guided by the craftsman’s hand in the LE GRAMME ateliers, gold is transformed into various men’s bracelet variations and slick or guilloché patterned rings revealing its sunny lustre.

LE GRAMME uses 750 Gold in the following variations: Bracelet Variation – Slick Polished and Slick Brushed 750 Yellow and Red Gold, Cable Bracelet Variation – Slick Polished 750 Yellow Gold, Ring Variation – Slick Polished and Slick Brushed 750 White, Yellow and Red Gold, Ring Variation – Polished Pyramid Guilloché 750 White, Yellow and Red Gold.

Illustration by Anna Xhaard

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