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Elodie David-Touboul

What inspires you in your work?
Pretty much everything around us. I feel lucky to live in a culturally rich environment. When you live in a big city, everything’s at your fingertips.

How did you start this job?
It was something I’d always wanted to do, but I didn’t manage to find a stylist to assist straightaway. For four years, I did production and casting at Art Partner, and I really liked it actually. And then I met Marie Amélie Sauvé, who I worked with for eight years. I’ve got some really fond memories of that time. It was like being at a top university. She honed my taste; she polished me.

Which person or artist is a reference for you?
Around 1996, when I was teenager, it was all about Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang, people like that. I admit they’re still important figures for me. In terms of photographers and artists, I’d say David Sims, Corinne Day, Wolfgang Tillmans and Cindy Sherman.
But I find that one artist stands out in each period or season. Last season, I was really interested in William Eggleston and his photos of people walking along the streets of New York. At the moment, I’m looking at a lot of Robert Mapplethorpe, David Armstrong...

If you had to chose only one designer?
That’s not easy. There’s more than one, and each for a specific reason. Martin Margiela’s independence of thought, Helmut Lang’s radicalism, Nicolas Guesquière at Balenciaga and Junya Watanabe for their really subtle avant-gardism, and Raf Simons, because he’s still so modern, after all these years.

What do you think of John Galliano at Margiela?
I’d simply say that I find Margiela difficult without Margiela.

Which city inspires or resembles you the most?
Paris, obviously. I’m lucky to live in an incredible city with a really strong culture and history. But I’m also very drawn to Los Angeles and London. I like the light in Los Angeles and the sense of freedom it emanates, and London and the English for their style. In LA, I’m drawn to the images of Hugh Holland and Ryan McGinley, which have got the same sunny, free spirit… In London, it’s people like David Bailey, Tracey Emin, Mick Jagger and David Hockney who, for me, have a style that’s specific to England.

How would you define your lifestyle? 
Very conventional: a husband and two children. Fashion’s obviously more than a job - I’m lucky to do something I really love, but otherwise I have a very conventional life.

A favourite place where you’ll often be found?
In Paris, but I don’t have a routine. I have an office but I’m almost never there. I travel a lot for work.

What are the common misconceptions about a stylist's job?
That it’s a glamourous and easy job. Your first years as an assistant are really tough. It’s a job with a working method and a culture of its own. You need to keep constantly informed and stay curious - as in many other lines of work really.

What is the greatest challenge you have achieved or yet to achieve?
Fairly recently one of my dreams came true when I worked with David Sims.

What rituals do you have at work? 
I don’t have rituals. I try not to be superstitious about everyday things.

The trend that bothers you nowadays?
I’d like Instagram be less important. It’s obviously got its good points. It’s a great search engine. But it’s totally changed the industry and you can’t do without it. Sometimes I think my work is about making images for Instagram.

Your favourite object? How much does it weigh? 
I feel slightly awkward because I don’t have a favourite object. My necklaces maybe. A claw diamond necklace that my grandmother found. A necklace my husband gave me. The medal from one of my daughters and a shell necklace I haggled over on the beach this summer! But I couldn’t tell you how much they weight…

What carries weight in your life? 
My family.

What are your LE GRAMME objects? How do you wear them?
I’ve got several bracelets: the 15g Slick Polished, the 23g Polished Pyramid Guilloché and 13g Polished Vertical Guilloché, all made of 925 sterling silver. I wear them all the time, and together: I like to accumulate them.

How would you define LE GRAMME’s style?
Minimal, streamlined and radical. Very like Adrien and Erwan.

Photographer : ©Amit Israeli

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