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Jean-Philippe de La Perle

In your work, what do people say about you?
Well, of course, they say I’m quite noisy. I’m a café owner, it’s a lively place and there’s a constant hubbub that I actually find reassuring.

What do people say about you as a café owner that you particularly appreciate?
That I bring together people from very different worlds in my café, La Perle, who are united by being under the same roof; that I have ended up creating a kind of family – that I’m the head of a family in fact!

What matters most in your work day to day? what’s your favourite thing?
Quite simply that things go well. I like every moment of the day, I’m fortunate to be doing a job that I love in a really lively place, to meet a lot of very different people there. That’s what I love – the constant surprises that people create.

LE GRAMME provides essential lifestyle objects. in your line of work, what iconic object would symbolise you?
A glass of champagne, naturally. The symbol of celebration, of lightheartedness, of pre-dinner drinks that start no later than 6pm.

And what LE GRAMME object do you own?
Two black sterling silver bracelets – a 33g and a 7g. 

How do you wear them?
I wear them together; I like to put the smallest one in front.

If LE GRAMME were a work of art, an apartment, a recipe, a book… what would it be?
A cocktail, both subtle and explosive.

What gift would you like to receive in the near future?
For me, it really is the thought that counts… because I feel that I already have everything!

And to give to the one you love?
I give love! Above all I try to choose for the person; a gift should never be something that you want for yourself, that you’re imposing on the recipient.

What is your favourite object?
It’s a silver Chrome Heart ring that was given to me by someone I’m fond of. If I didn’t already have it on my finger, it’s what I would take with me at all costs if there was a fire!

What do you value most in your life?
Sincerity and honesty.

A favourite place where one might find you these days?
I’m very fortunate in that I feel good wherever I go. I always find something to inspire me, even though others might consider it insignificant. It must be because of my work that I always see the glass as half full :)

Photographer: ©Benoit Linero

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