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The bracelet

The first LE GRAMME object was a bracelet, designed in an uncompromising aesthetic. Every detail was calculated to bring it back to its essence, to its origins.
Mankind made its first bracelets from stone, bone, wood or shells – materials available before humans learned to extract and shape precious metals. Over the course of history, bracelets have had many purposes. 

Gold bracelets engraved with the Eye of Horus were talismans for Egyptians, who never took them off once they put them on for the first time in a nearly sacred ritual. Steel bracelets – known as Kara, the fourth of the Five Ks (external articles of faith) – are a sign of belonging for Sikhs, symbolising humility, eternity and commitment to God. Inhabitants of the Salomon Islands wore very large bracelets to use as shields, as did Melanesians, who added long animal manes to them to protect their limbs as well. Bracelets were even used as offensive weapons in some tribes: heavy brass circles were used as projectiles in Congo and in Malawi, where the metal was further adorned with razor-sharp teeth. In Shamanism, bracelets made of seeds, pods and skins filled with shells are used as magical musical instruments.

Bracelets nearly disappeared from Europe with the fall of the Roman Empire and the “Barbarian Invasions”. They reappeared shyly in the 16th century thanks to the exquisite Diane de Poitiers (A Lady in her Bath, Clouet) and went on to enjoy full pride of place again under Louis XVI, when women began to wear them regularly. Bracelets provided a marvellous platform for late-19th-century jewellers such as Falize, Fouquet and Massin.

Bracelets have since been set free: no longer the deliberate privilege of a lucky few, they are now universal, unisex, ageless and made of multiple materials, from chain bracelets to friendship bracelets by way of leather cuffs and bangles made of precious metals. LE GRAMME takes its inspiration from their fundamental shape, designing bracelets that express this essence – the aesthetic common denominator that has survived the test of time and is now truly timeless. Whether worn as a symbol of belonging or distinction, a bracelet highlights the uniqueness of the person wearing it. LE GRAMME has created a bracelet true to its own form by showcasing the innate raw strength of its material (sterling silver or 18-carat gold) and infuse it with meaning that appeals to instinctive, universal emotion.

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