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Slick Brushed 925 Sterling Silver
Kitsuné Bracelet Le 15 Grammes
320 €


This bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver. It features a distinctive slick pattern and brushed finish on the outside, the inside has a polished finish. The Maison Kitsuné fox is engraved and lacquered in blue on the outside of the bracelet. A special engraving indicates the weight of the precious metal of which it is made. It can be worn alone or with other LE GRAMME creations.


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Made in France
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2,5 mm
2 mm
28 mm
Real weight
15 grams



LE GRAMME creations are made in france. Each creation is guided by the skill of our artisans, their artistic eye and unique expertise. At first, machined or laminated precious metal tubes or plates are cut into bands of different widths. Around twenty stages are then required to make each LE GRAMME creation.



925 sterling silver: premium silver composed of 925 parts silver to 75 parts copper.



Slick pattern creating a smooth, even finish.



The outside is brushed, the inside polished.


Engraving & Stamps

Each creation is engraved with its weight, the brand logo and the metal standard: 925 for silver. A batch number is inscribed on the inside. It is also stamped with the mark of its maker, the national hallmark guaranteeing the quality of the precious metal and the LE GRAMME stamp.


Care And Maintenance

The colour of your jewellery will change over time depending on your skin’s pH. This patina is normal and further enhances the individual character of your LE GRAMME jewellery. To make your product look like new, clean it using:

- A chamois polishing cloth for precious metals

- Clay cleaner on a sponge or cloth.


How to wear your bracelet and choose the right size

We advise wearing your LE GRAMME bracelet below the wrist bone for the greatest comfort. You can also press evenly on either side of the bangle to adjust the shape slightly for a perfect fit. We recommend downloading and printing the LE GRAMME measuring tape to help you choose the right bracelet size.



Your LE GRAMME object comes in a box, it is set in a protective foam with its certificate of authenticity and its cleaning cloth for precious metal.



We offer the delivery in Europe. We also deliver in the US and Hong-Kong. Each delivery is taking care by our transporter DHL Express. Learn more about the deliveries here.

Personalizations are not available from the 27th of July to the 1st of September. If you chose to personalize your object, you will receive it in September. 


Return policy

If you are not fully satisfied by your LE GRAMME object: you have 14 days from the day you received your order to return it. If you are in Europe, the return is offered. Personalized objects are not exchangeable or refundable. Learn more about the return conditions here.

Made in France
Stage 2 / Machining

This stage consists in transforming a piece of raw material into a unique form, specific to a LE GRAMME design.

Stage 3 / Engraving

A laser is used to engrave the material and mark the weight of each piece.

Stage 4 / Polishing

The dexterity and careful movements of the craftsman bring out the finish of each object, whether polished, brushed or mat.

Stage 5 / Standardisation

As the pieces are hand crafted, they require a process of standardisation to ensure that they conform to a specific weight as well as the specific elements of each object.

Stage 6 / Polish

The application of polish is a delicate operation, done with a fine brush, which darkens the engraved lines showing the weight of each article.

Stage 7 / Stamping

Attesting to the quality and originality of LE GRAMME objects, each stamp has a specific meaning: - the maker’s mark, guaranteeing that the object was produced in a French workshop - the national hallmark certifying the quality of the precious metal - the LE GRAMME stamp attesting to the originality of our pieces.

Stage 8 / Passivation

A fine film, of only a nano-thickness, is applied to the metal, which will enable it to retain its colour longer.

Stage 9 / Drying

After passivation, the objects are placed on a drying rack.

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    follow us on instagram to discover our contest @legramme_officiel
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    follow us on instagram to discover our contest @legramme_officiel
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