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Our objects, made from precious metals, are created in a process best described as industrial craftsmanship. Each variant of a LE GRAMME object features a precious metal, a particular pattern design and a finish that require the know-how and technical savoir faire of French ateliers. 

Our precious metals

  • 925 sterling silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper)
  • 925 black sterling silver: 925 sterling silver with a layer of ruthenium plating (thickness: 0.3 microns)
  • 750 yellow gold : 18-carat gold (75% pure gold, 15% silver and 10% copper)
  • 750 red gold : 18-carat gold (75% pure gold, 4% silver and 21% copper) 

Our variants are made of untreated 925 sterling silver and 750 gold, which will allow a patina to develop over time. Similarly, for black 925 sterling silver, the surface treatment eventually wears away in places, revealing the gleam of untreated silver.  

Pattern designs and finishes

All objects in the LE GRAMME range, whether intended to be worn or functional, feature a particular pattern and a finish. Each variant may be identified by its pattern: Permanent variants have a slick pattern design. Themed temporary variations have engraving or a guilloché motif. Each object receives a finish (polished, brushed or matte) that embellish them and determine how it reflects light: 

  • Slick surfaces receive a polished or brushed finish.
  • Guilloché patterns receive a polished or matte finish. 
  • Engraved patterns receive a polished or brushed finish. 


LE GRAMME has centred its creative concept on the object and its weight. Each design is named after its metric weight, which is always an odd number. Gram : A basic unit of mass in the CGS system of units nearly equal to the mass of one cubic centimetre of pure water at 4°C and equal to 1/1000th of a kilogram (abbreviation: g). 

Stamps and engravings

Each object by LE GRAMME bears the following stamps and engravings: 

  • the maker's mark attesting the place of manufacture
  • the official French hallmark certifying the quality of the precious metal (e.g. the eagle's head for gold and the Minerva's head for silver)
  • the LE GRAMME stamp to indicate that the object is an original creation by our brand
  • "925" or "750" to attest the purity of the precious metal 
  • the LE GRAMME logo
  • the object's weight in grams​
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