augustin trapenard

How are you presented in your profession?
cultural journalist, columnist or television presenter, sometimes, but above all producer and radio host.

What is something said about you in your job that particularly touches you?
that I am a question mark, because my job is to question. that I am curious because in my opinion it is the greatest quality in this profession. curious in every sense of the word, moreover: open to others but also a little strange, in the way I look, read and question. that I am courageous, finally, because it is easy to make a broadcast, but much more difficult to keep five hundred.

What matters most on a daily basis in your job?
sharing my lifelong passion: the pleasure of reading. I have always had this desire to spend this immense joy, this enjoyment, even, of reading: by being a teacher first, then a journalist and perhaps one day a bookseller.

le gramme is a lifestyle brand for men, it offers essential basics, what is the iconic object of your profession, the one that symbolizes you?
I have two. firstly a very old edition of Wuthering Heights which dates from the end of the nineteenth century. It's a very beautiful object that I found in the north of England around fifteen years ago. This book, Emily Brontë's only novel, was a revolution for me because it made me understand that literature was first and foremost an art. language, narration, vision. I must have read it a good thirty times. and otherwise, there is this small copper ashtray, hollowed out of a block and designed by marine breynaert. he is very small and therefore always near me since I smoke when I read. I therefore associate it with my work.
“this book, Emily Brontë's only novel, was a revolution for me because it made me understand that literature was first and foremost an art. »
your object le gramme, what is it?
I have an almost compulsive relationship with le gramme. I hesitate between collector and neurotic buyer! I'm missing one that I gave, one day, to a person who shared my life for a long time. my name must always be engraved inside.

how do you wear it?
The one I'm wearing at the moment is a 21g in brushed gold. at first, I was a little afraid of the “curb chain effect”, but I like its pure line, its lightness, and its symbolic charge since it is the weight of the soul. I sometimes dress it with a 7g in silver or black silver.

if le gramme was a book then… what would it be?
a very elegant book, with a very pure line. a simple but yet dazzling narration, like that of “tender is the night” by francis scott fitzgerald. elegant and tragic.

What is the gift you would like to receive soon?
appeasement! my life is so electric, effervescent, almost epileptic.
“I have an almost compulsive relationship with le gramme. »
what gift do you give to someone you love?
I like to offer things that belong to me: a book, even scribbled, a part of me. I offered a lot of “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner. in the same way I prefer to be given very personal gifts. they are dearer to me.

what is your favorite object? how much does he weigh ?
I also have two. a photo of my grandmother when she was a young girl. it is a black and white print, cut lengthwise. she wears a small beret, a strict skirt, something in her eyes allows you to read all the kindness that she tried to convey to me. the photo is on my desk, without a frame, it has become dog-eared over time. it weighs less than a gram. and then, there is my watch, a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso, given to me by my father when I was 20 when I joined Normal Sup. I especially like the gesture, or rather the memory of my father giving me this watch. it reminds me of this Faulkner phrase that I have tattooed on my left arm: “I give you this watch not so that you remember time, but so that you forget it, now, then for a moment, and for that you don’t waste your time trying to conquer it.” it weighs 63.5 grams.

what is important in your life?
lightness, paradoxically... this is perhaps the reason, moreover, why I attach myself to le gramme which testifies to this lightness. nothing is weighed in grams anymore today – everything is very material, imposing and full of meaning…

a favorite place to find you?
where there are necessarily books… rather than reading, in fact I prefer to reread. Let's say that you will find me where there is something to reread, then.

photographer: ©benoit linero
“nothing is weighed in grams anymore, today – everything is very material, imposing and full of meaning…”



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