Dan Thawley

What inspires you ? What is your process when you imagine the next A Magazine Curated By?
For the magazine we draw a lot of inspiration from the world of the creators that we choose each time, it's really up to them to guide us in relation to the subjects that we explore together. We direct them towards good practices for producing a print magazine, we also “tickle” them somewhere by putting them in contact and finding different relationships with creative people who explore other media, other universes and disciplines including they are not always used to exploring. Inspiration really comes from the start of the process with the choice of a cutting-edge designer. All the interesting people around them: their heroes and even their best friends inspire us too.

Who are the people who represent references for you in your profession?
I am fortunate to have had several mentors in my life. At the very beginning, in Australia, it wasn't necessarily journalists but people from the fashion world, for example buyers. These people guided me towards the right path, they were like big brothers to me in a way too. Later, I let myself be guided by other editors who are very inspiring in this sector. “Hybrid” people through their ability to cross several creative disciplines at the same time. People who, in their magazine or in the practice of their profession, manage to mix a lot of things. Hans Ulbrich Obrist is an example for me, he is an extremely intelligent and brilliant art curator who is always interested in young people, in fashion, in music and in many other disciplines besides contemporary art, which is his favorite field.

What compliment would you like to hear or hear again about your work?
I like my work to be of high quality but also to remain educational and didactic. I find that culture is something that must remain accessible to everyone. Everyone can explore big avenues and big questions. This is what we do in our magazine. If our magazine also manages to explain projects to others, by opening the world of fashion, the world of art, to people who don't necessarily know them as well as we do then I'm happy!

The city or destination that inspires you, or resembles you?
Italy in general remains a country that fascinates me, it is a country with so much wealth and history. It's not just a city or a neighborhood that inspires me, it's the fact that anywhere, there are churches or museums, extremely interesting and sometimes very strange cultural nuggets that mix religion in particular. , politics, sociology and art. I would love to visit Egypt as well.
“Inspiration really comes from the start of the process with the choice of a cutting-edge designer. »
How would you describe your art of living?
My art of living is both relaxed and fast! I love taking the time to live well, eat well, take time with my friends but I also have a life full of work, it's something I love doing. Writing, discovering exhibitions created by different people. I love doing interviews with interesting people. I have a work-life balance that blends together.

The project you are most proud of?
That of having spent twelve years at A magazine while developing my career on the side. By developing projects with other magazines, luxury brands, young designers. The magazine remains a soul project that I continue to do and it also gives me the opportunity to do lots of other things thanks to the knowledge it gave me about fashion.

Do you have any rituals in your work or life?
I became quite a fan of acupuncture and gua sha. It's a little ritual that I like to do, it relaxes me. I also do a little yoga from time to time.

Is there a type of article or post that annoys you?
I'm not a big fan of the 'listicle' (list article), it's something that reduces the value of something I sometimes find. It has become very common to discuss a parade or an exhibition or any experience with a list of ten points. I find that it's reductive and that it doesn't leave too much freedom for journalists or readers to properly describe or understand a real atmosphere.
“Hans Ulbrich Obrist is an example for me, he is an extremely intelligent and brilliant art curator. »
A place where you usually find yourself?
I like intimate restaurants, I like trying new gastronomic experiences that are both very simple and very complex. I like people who can trigger different things through food and wine. I really like Le Grand Bain, OGATA, Maison SOTA, and Restaurant AT for special occasions!

What is important in your life?
The authenticity of things, projects that have real value both artistic and human. Interesting people from all over the world who have different desires and experiences. I am lucky to have very different friends in my life, who don't all know each other. I think that if I organize my birthday and I invite a hundred people there will be very different people, but I feed off their different points of view.

What are your objects on le gramme? How do you wear them?
I really like the fine bracelets from Le Gramme, I very often wear the 23g guilloché ribbon bracelet and the 11g beads bracelet. I love gold as much as silver, I love mixing them.

If le gramme was a book, a publication? Which would it be?
I would say 'The System of Objects' by Jean Baudrillard. le gramme is a brand which is at the same time very masculine, thoughtful, intelligent but also atmospheric and philosophical in some way. There is a philosophy that is so integral to this brand, it's a philosophy that applies in real life. That's le gramme.
“My art of living is both relaxed and fast! »



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