joseph dirand

what nourishes you in your profession, the source of your inspiration?
it is different each time because the project itself contains its essence. I choose inspiring projects that constitute a real challenge. With each new project, new doors open that take me on adventures that I could not have even imagined at the start.

Who are the people or projects that constitute references for you?
the visionaries of the twentieth century, Le Corbusier of course because he is literally a revolutionary in terms of architecture and he initiated new great principles. oscar niemeyer of course, he was a true poet of architecture through the purity of his lines and the sensuality of his approach. and then carlo scarpa, for his relationship with time, with Italian architecture and the sense of detail or even eero saarinen for his organic forms. they are all visionary geniuses who inspire me with their commitment.

what compliment touches you on your work as an architect?
Obviously when we evolve in an artistic world, we want to hear that what we do touches people. what particularly touches me is seeing them having a good time in worlds that I designed, feeling people receptive.

the city that inspires you or resembles you?
Paris obviously, even if I travel a lot, it's always a pleasure to come back home.

what is the art of living according to you?
take pleasure in everything: in food, travel, music. nourish ourselves with what surrounds us and appreciate it. also, give yourself time to take a step back, hence the importance of travel. it is the best way to truly give and receive.
“take pleasure in everything: in food, travel, music. nourish ourselves with what surrounds us and appreciate it. »
your favorite materials?
natural materials worked by the hand of man. what fascinates me is being able to transform this material.

your reference building?
I have real admiration for the Villa Malaparte in Capri, it is the result of a gesture of extraordinary simplicity. it magnifies the landscape and constitutes the perfect adequacy between man and nature. it does not seek to fade away, on the contrary its red contrasts with the sea and the cliff. it is a pop-up building that cannot be transported elsewhere.

your favorite shape?
all shapes are beautiful and my work is constantly evolving. let's say that after having explored the right angle, I am currently rather in the curve.

your biggest challenge achieved or to be achieved?
what has already been achieved always seems less of a challenge, the challenge lies more in what is to come or in progress. At the moment, my challenge is significant since I am designing a boat of more than 100 meters in other words a floating building... such a project is fascinating because you have to learn, analyze everything that has been done in naval architecture. designing a boat is a unique opportunity. I am in full search of absolute form. it is an incredible adventure to imagine an architecture whose setting will permanently change.

your ritual in your job?
I don't have a ritual because I avoid repeating gestures at all costs. I make sure that I always find myself in different situations, even in different lives depending on the country and the projects. my way of working is constantly evolving, I love the feeling of the first time more than anything.

the type of architecture that annoys you?
I find it a shame to create things without ambition, it doesn't annoy me but rather saddens me.
“I am in full search of absolute form. it is an incredible adventure to imagine an architecture whose setting will permanently change. »
If you weren't an architect, what job would you do?
explorer without doubt! to have time to discover new landscapes; I already do it as much as possible.

a favorite place to usually find yourself?
You can meet me at loulou or monsieur bleu to see the projects I have done live, to feel their energy and their evolution. I admit I'm not that social, I need solitude to think. I prioritize time spent at home, whether alone or with family.

your favorite object? how much does he weigh ?
I've been a bit of a collector since I was a child, I like looking for, finding and living with all of these things. and yet I could leave with nothing tomorrow with a bundle because nothing is essential to me. I like to travel light.

what has weight in your life?
love is never a burden.

your object(s) on le gramme, what is/are they? how do you use the doors/doors?
a 7g bracelet (the lightest possible), which is actually the only thing I wear with this lucky bracelet from Peru that refuses to break. it's the only form of permanence that I can tolerate. I used to wear a lot of stuff and finally got rid of it. I also have the ruler to do my little sketches on tracing paper in the evening!

If le gramme were an architectural element or work, which one would it be?
rather land art! I am thinking in particular of a work by Michael Heizer: circles of different diameters that he drew in the desert. an absolute form of simplicity.

photographer: ©amit israeli
stylist: ©elodie david-touboul
“generally speaking, rather than giving people what they want and know, I prefer to try to give them what they don't yet know that they like. »



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