Marie-Agnès Gillot

How do people present you when people talk about you in your profession?
They say that I am a prima ballerina and if we go further that I am avant-garde and contemporary, it is my way of taking risks.

What is something said about you as a prima ballerina that particularly touches you?
dancers have a reputation for being inaccessible, so I would say that I am touched by hearing that I am normal, that I am easily approached, that I listen to others.

What matters most in your daily dance routine?
many would answer “the stage” or the audience, I much prefer discipline and rehearsals, I love work.

le gramme is a lifestyle brand for men, it offers essential objects, in your world what is the iconic element, the one that symbolizes you?
the tip obviously. We often associate pointe shoes with something very feminine, as I don't like sexual things, I had the boys try them at le gramme and it worked very well.
“They say I’m a prima ballerina”
and your object le gramme, what is it?
the 21 g polished 925 silver, it is engraved inside with a phrase “to my star” and punctuated with a star.

how do you wear it?
I wear it all the time, I only take it off when I go on stage, it's actually quite strange because this object - although recent in my life - has become essential to me, which is rare.

if le gramme were a work/apartment/recipe/book… what would it be?
this would be a movement that we call “a wrap”… because it wraps around the wrist.

What is the gift you would like to receive soon?
another thinner gram bracelet with the “horizontal guilloché” imprint.
“I wear it all the time, I only take it off when I go on stage.”
and give to the person you love?
I never have any ideas, I don't prepare anything, gifts must be spontaneous. so maybe a nice print of a photo or a really nice pen.

what is your favorite object? how much does he weigh ?
an old doll with eyes that close and open, she no longer has fingers on her hands or feet, my son has monopolized her a bit, his white rabbit finds himself in competition with her. it weighs 401 grams.

what is important in your life?
it's hope. this ability we have to hope and want no matter what, to continue to stand up and fight.

a favorite place to be at the moment?
in my dressing room obviously. it's a complete mess in which I find myself completely. what's funny is that it's quite the opposite with me, some would find it messy, I find it perfect. I have accumulated twelve years of my life there, I will throw absolutely nothing away.

photographer: ©benoit linero
“I never have any ideas, I don’t prepare anything, gifts must be spontaneous. »



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