rod paradot

What inspires you ?
It's so vast, there are many things that inspire me: a color, a piece of clothing, a film, a music video, a short film, music... but recently there was a film that really made me think on life: The Father by Florian Zeller. He put a pie in my face, I couldn't speak for 40 minutes afterwards, I had tears in my eyes. He talks about old age, the fact that after a certain age we become children again, we forget... and in the acting, you see that they feel what they play, they are extraordinary. And right now it's a subject that touches me personally because my grandmother is going through a complicated time. I wouldn't say that this film inspired me, but it invited me to think differently. It did me good, and bad, and that's what a film is for!

Which people do you think would be references in the acting profession?
I've already said it, but there is Belmondo... and in a more current way, there is Adèle Exarchopoulos who inspires me. It's rare to see a role like the one she had in Mandibles, I was impressed by her performance, her character was really not obvious. Otherwise there is Tahar Rahim, I would like to take a path like him, and know how to speak English as well... especially since I don't know how to speak English at all (laughing). In fact, I admire their work, there are actors like that who make you want to always be better. I can also quote François Damiens, in Mon Cousin, I loved him, he surprised me with his accuracy.

What compliment would you like to hear or hear again in your profession?
I like hearing compliments, but I especially like being told about my faults. Compliments are really nice, but I'm not going to ask for too much, I'll get them when I get them! I'm not waiting for that. And yet, when I was younger, I had a bit of this need for recognition, to be told “that’s what you did”. Today, the job has taught me to be satisfied with my work and if others don't like it: I listen and I take what can make me grow. I also think that the César and the Molière are the two greatest compliments anyone could have paid me. It rarely happens in a career, and it touches me greatly to have had them, but sometimes I tell myself that I would have preferred to have had them later because it's hard to get back up afterwards, to do other projects as beautiful . It's rare that we are entrusted with a role as beautiful as the one I was lucky enough to have in the play Le fils by Florian Zeller. Waiting for the next project means that acting can be very stressful at times.

What is your relationship to pressure then?
The pressure is good, when I see other actors acting, I want even more. Not feeling pressure means not being afraid, and that's the worst that can happen to you. The relationship with time in cinema is intense, you can't "take your time", you have to do, learn, always be on the move. It's impossible to learn your lines two weeks before a shoot: you can feel it and the spectators will also feel it in the actor's performance. Personally I really need to go through the script, to do research... In college I loved working at the last minute, but in cinema you can't.
“not feeling pressure means not being afraid, and that’s the worst that can happen to you. »
How did you prepare for your latest role?
I played in a film called Umami, with Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard, which will be released at the end of the year. After Catherine Deneuve in La tête haute, playing with these two actors is a bit like touching the grail again: it's "THE" timeless duo. They hadn't seen each other for 10 or 15 years before filming and as soon as they met, you instantly felt the connection between the two! It’s alchemy, it’s electric! And playing with actors like them is the best school, every minute spent in their company I gained from the profession. I hope that at 75 I will be like Pierre Richard, he is an example, I find him brilliant and he is a humble guy, it is beautiful to be like him.

You exude that too.
I hope that I stay like this all my life, I hope that if one day I do a role like The Serpent, I will remain me and I think so after everything that has happened to me in my life: I know where I come from and I know why I am here.

Your journey is quite extraordinary.
And again, you don't know everything! One day I will tell my story, but now is not the time. For the moment; I'm simply saying that I was an apprentice carpenter and that I was offered to make a film called La tête haute, and it started from there, but we don't know everything that happened. past before. I don't want to be the mysterious guy, but I've experienced things that really taught me about life and I think there's no better revenge than getting a Caesar and a Molière after all that.
One day I will tell everything, I want to work on the way and the form of expressing what happened to me. It works on me continually, but it may take me years before I do anything with it.

What was your biggest challenge?
My head held high, and getting started in cinema was a big challenge! There is also what I cannot tell now which was an even greater challenge and which made me who I am today.

Do you have rituals in your life, in your job?
I can't not listen to music for a day. Music accompanies me constantly, it's a bit ugly what I'm going to say, but I'm more interested in music than in cinema. I'm more thirsty for sounds than films, whether it's pop or rap, I listen to everything. Since I was little, I have heard Goldman, Aznavour, Eddy Mitchell, there has always been a lot of music at home and that carries me to this day.
Music helps me move forward in life, to live, a film helps you move forward too, but music follows you.
“music helps me move forward in life, to live, a film helps you move forward too, but music follows you. »
Do you have a favorite object?
It's a gold bracelet that was given to me by a friend of my mother, Fred, who I consider my father, and who was much more present than my biological father. It belonged to her father and I wear it every day... even if, sometimes, I exchange it for a gift my mother gave me because otherwise she's a little jealous... (laughing).
The second favorite object is my speaker, I carry it everywhere I go. I like to have my music on when I'm cycling, and since you're not allowed to wear headphones while riding, I put music on my speaker. Not too loud, to respect people, but at least the music follows me.

What is important in your life?
My jewelry per gram, they have weight! (laugh)
My mother is heavy on my heart, Fred too. My darling whose life I have shared for almost 5 years and who supports me completely, and it's not easy because she is also an actress and she is a bit in my shadow. I try to push her, so that she is more in front of me, than behind me! I'm lucky to have it. These people weigh positively heavily in my life. Then there is cinema, without that, I wouldn't be much.

Your jewelry on le gramme, what are they? How do you wear them?
I am wearing the Segment chain in brushed 925 silver, 2 ribbon bracelets in black silver, a segment bracelet in brushed silver and a vertical guilloche cable bracelet in polished silver. I love them, I'm in the process of adopting them, they never leave my side.

If le gramme was a film?
le gramme represents men like Tahar Rahim, Belmondo. It's a brand and a piece of jewelry that helps you live a little, it lights up beautiful people. le gramme makes me think of the simplicity and love of Agnès b., we also feel that in le gramme.
“These people weigh positively heavily in my life. Then there is cinema, without that, I wouldn't be much. »



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