the ring

In 2015, le gramme unveiled its first collection of rings, a variation of its iconic ribbon bracelet. Made in France, these weighted, thick, classic and refined rings, to be assembled or isolated, structure the hand of the man who wears them like silver mobiles. Subsequently, le gramme declined its collections of bangle and interlacing bracelets for men into rings, and also created a collection of wedding rings for men and women.

The origin of the ring dates back to Prehistory, where the jewel was made from mammoth ivory, having an ornamental function but also as currency.

Very quickly becoming distinctive signs of belonging to a group or social status, rings were subsequently made from precious metals, notably gold, by the Egyptians during the Bronze Age. The more important the person is in society, the more elaborate their ring will be. At that time, they also served as a stamp to authenticate a message or to seal goods.

And it was in the society of Ancient Greece that the accumulation of rings was born. At this time, rings were more sober than in Egypt, to the extent that gold was very rare in the Mediterranean basin. Initially, men, like women, only wore one ring, but the custom of accumulating rings on each finger quickly spread, justifying belonging to a high social class.

The ring has been part of men's wardrobe for millennia. Signet ring, wedding ring, ornamental ring: its types are as diverse and unique as the personalities who wear them. le gramme draws its inspiration from the elementary form, designing men's jewelry in an essential expression, and making it a common aesthetic denominator that spans history to become timeless. a sign of belonging or, on the contrary, of distinction, the ring resonates the singularity of the person wearing it. le gramme gives it its own consistency, bringing it back to the raw and initial force of the weight of its material (925 silver and 750 gold), to give it back its meaning, and open the field of an instinctive and universal emotion.

from basic shapes, le gramme can also create a tailor-made ring according to your wishes, all you need to do is make an appointment with our design studio by sending your request by email to
The ring has been part of men's wardrobe for millennia.
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