vincent dedienne

what nourishes you in your professions, what inspires you?
people. whether in the cinema, in the theater or in my columns, I am inspired by people. I watch them live and I return them. These are the specifications for this profession, this is my job description. I also realized that when I create, in the end, I write a letter to the last person who shared my life, a sort of a posteriori confession to someone who mattered. like a last letter of love, of reproaches, of insults, of grievances, or all of that at the same time. Generally speaking, rather than giving people what they want and know, I prefer to try to give them what they don't yet know that they like.

the people or projects that constitute references for you?
I have the impression that we are living in a period that prefers detestation more than homage. but I love to adore people and say it. I'm thinking of Alain Resnais, Muriel Robin, Nathalie Baye, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Agnès Jaoui, Christophe Honore, Laurent Laffite... and the list goes on. many of those I admire are dead, but fortunately there are still beautiful living people and I am attached to them like big brothers, like Vincent Delerm.

the compliment that touches you on your job?
no one is very comfortable with compliments… I like it when someone tells me: “this is the first time I’ve come to the theater”. so it is perhaps more to the challenge than to the compliment that I am sensitive, it gives me the feeling of being able to return what was offered to me. I discovered theater by going to see actors I liked. the show was for me the supreme intimacy, a place where all shamelessness was exchanged (heartbreak, relationships with the body, with the family, etc.). it is the place where, as the writer Hervé Guibert said, “secrets must circulate”.

the city that inspires you or resembles you?
ten years ago, i went with the school to johannesburg in south africa. a complex city, very marked by apartheid. we had been warned that we had to be very careful, that the insecurity was complete. I insolently did the opposite, going out alone at night, taking the car. I had no problem. I felt strangely familiar, strangely at home. we were working on a project at ster city, a cinema which had burned down during apartheid, a ghost place to which I would very much like to return.
“generally speaking, rather than giving people what they want and know, I prefer to try to give them what they don't yet know that they like. »
the art of living according to you?
It’s the art of laughing! it's the most generous thing, to laugh and make others laugh. it is to offer a more distinguished and more inventive version of oneself. we can no longer laugh at everything, and I don't think that's any worse. I prefer inclusive laughter to exclusive laughter. that's what fascinates me about the show, every evening the audience changes and we try to create a new exchange, an ephemeral living together.

your favorite themes?
I really like self-mockery, I naturally become my own subject. I prefer to ridicule myself before someone else does.

your reference project?
I loved the one that will be released in theaters in the fall. Be careful, I say this without promotional logic! it's a film by ludovic bergery with emmanuelle béart whom i met for the first time. Something very gracious happened with Emmanuelle, a comforting understanding, the kind you have when you've known someone forever.

your pun or your favorite figure of speech?
I'm a little wary of it now, but I used a lot of enumeration, which allows things to coexist that don't naturally coexist together.

your biggest challenge achieved or to be achieved?
it’s obviously about writing the second show. we would have to go to the 3rd show directly, it would be less stressful, because the second requires us to confirm something which was perhaps due to chance the first time. we must manage to truly renew ourselves, while persisting in doing what I like and enjoy.

your ritual in your job?
I perfume myself differently depending on the roles. I have no opinion on the choice of costume, but I know exactly how the character I am going to play perfumes. So I scour perfumeries, I test and I think. once the perfume is chosen, I wear it for the duration of the shoot. for Marivaux's game of love and chance - in which I played a poor harlequin who thinks he is master and rich - I wore "i'm a trash" from Etat libre d'orange. for my show it was hermès pink grapefruit water. for terrible jungle with catherine deneuve, it was philosykos by diptyque. for the last one, I didn't choose a perfume, not that I couldn't find it, but I think my character doesn't wear one. which is not easy because the perfume helps me a lot.
“I used a lot of enumeration, which allows things to coexist that don’t naturally coexist together.”
the type of comedy/show that annoys you?
that of homophobic or racist films, which seem to denounce phenomena of exclusion and fall, in a distressing way, into the same clichés. I see a latent archaism in seeing this type of film break through while truly unique and original comedies are not being produced... the ease of laughter at the expense of others irritates me.

If you weren't an actor/author/comedian, what job would you do?
I will definitely be nosed. I discovered perfumeries more than 10 years ago when I moved to Paris. I wasn't really aware that perfume existed outside of the boxes on supermarket shelves. perfume is about art and culture rather than industry. it's an experience. this passion does not make me very faithful, I oscillate olfactorily between sand from Goutal, eau de citron noir from Hermès, free state of orange in general, and orange blossom from Molinard.

a favorite place to usually find yourself?
at my parents' house in Saône et Loire, in a village surrounded by vineyards. and if the end of the world were to happen tomorrow, I would immediately go to Corsica, to watch it quietly from a piece of rock in the Balagne.

your favorite object (apart from le gramme!)?
a ring from a small craftsman from Saône et Loire that I wear all the time. I am also very attached to a photo of Hervé Guibert that I gave myself with my first stamp. I went to meet his widow in her apartment to choose her… I had the impression of entering into her privacy. It’s a very beautiful photo that I see every day. a landmark.

what has weight in your life?
my friends. we don't promote friendship enough and too much love, which is terribly conventional. we are bombarded with love mythologies, while the real distress is life without friendship.

your items on le gramme, what are they and how do you wear them?
I have the 33g and 15g ribbon bracelets in polished 925 silver, a 9g bangle bracelet in polished yellow gold and a 9g ring in polished 925 silver. I wear them every day except when the costume doesn't allow it. I put them together. I borrow them a little, sometimes permanently. a friend of mine got me one, it's been two weeks. I take that as a compliment.
“I had the impression of entering into his privacy. It’s a very beautiful photo that I see every day. a landmark."



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