the diamond

In 2015 and in partnership with Luisa Via Roma, le gramme created a limited edition bracelet for men: a 33g brushed 925 silver ribbon set with 6 baguette-cut diamonds. With this precious variation of the ribbon bracelet, the brand has taken a first step into the world of men's jewelry.

Our know-how in this area subsequently developed with the launch of the wedding ring collection in 2019. On this occasion, our exceptional workshops set some of our rings in 750 gold: the 5g ribbon rings and the 1g wedding rings. .

In 2020, le gram unveiled a new version of the iconic cable bracelet by setting its cylindrical clasp with lines of white or black brilliant-cut diamonds.

since 2015, le gram has been working with diamonds on its iconic collections.

The quality of this precious stone is assessed in jewelry according to 4 universal characteristics, nicknamed the 4cs:

- Color: color designates the natural hue inherent to white diamonds on a scale from D to Z (D for a completely colorless stone and Z for a yellowed stone). Most diamonds are slightly yellow in the rough, and what will determine the rarity of this stone is its completely colorless nature.

- Purity: purity measures the clarity of the diamond, in other words the potential inclusions and stains that may be visible with x10 visual magnification.

- Cut: when a diamond is cut, its facets will interact with the light, thus releasing all its sparkle and brilliance. This is the main characteristic of a diamond's beauty, as its shape will determine all light reflection.

- The carat (carat): it corresponds to the weight of the diamond, taking into account that one carat is equivalent to 2/10 of a gram.

the quality of this precious stone is assessed in jewelry according to 4 universal characteristics, nicknamed the 4cs.

le gramme only works with brilliant or baguette cut diamonds. Their VGS quality indicates that they are completely colorless to the naked eye and that their inclusions are difficult to see under a magnifying glass.

Our design studio can also help you create a custom ring or bracelet, with the stones and metals of your choice. Write to us at, our team will get back to you to provide you with a quote and start creating your exclusive piece.

write to us to make your custom ring or bracelet. :)

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