06.04.23 in collections

le gramme invaders

on the occasion of easter, le gramme invades the streets of the marais in paris for a qr code hunting...
26.01.23 in collections

the new black segment bangle

discover our two new segment bangle bracelets for men, in 925 silver and 925 silver black dlc*, and 18ct gold...
02.12.22 in collections

it might be the best gift

le gramme jewelry with its refined, rational and minimal design, and its ability to accumulate endlessly, constitutes the perfect gift...
03.11.22 in collections

the triptych cable

with the triptych cable, le gramme explores a little more the world of industrial design and contemporary art.
14.09.22 in collections

the segment bangle

the segment collection is enriched with a new bracelet for men, an articulated bangle in 925 silver made in france.
24.06.22 in collections

the titanium collection

le gramme cable and ribbon bracelets for men are now available in a new material, titanium, the combination of strength...

15.04.22 in collections

exclusive offer for easter "golden ticket"

for easter, le gramme is offering you 75g of its favorite chocolate for any purchase over €450! also, we slipped...
14.01.22 in collections

the engraved cable

launched in 2018, the cable collection has been enriched with a new variation, the engraved cable. erwan le louër,...

03.11.21 in collections

diamonds at le gramme

like a dialogue between jewelry and industrial design which inspires the brand, le gramme creations are now adorned with...

12.10.21 in collections

the octagon cable

launched in 2018, the cable collection has been enriched with a new variation, the octagon cable. elementary form in...

04.10.21 in collections

non-verbal personalization

behind an apparent simplicity, le gramme creations actually reveal a multitude of customization possibilities. the brand's jewelry, all made in...
30.08.21 in collections


le gramme men's jewelry in precious metals is always characterized by an imprint and a finish.
each variation has an...
23.08.21 in collections


le gramme men's jewelry in precious metals is always characterized by an imprint and a finish.
our finishes can be...
30.04.21 in collections


the segment collection is a series of bracelets, rings and necklaces, inspired by the world of geometry and the result...
17.03.21 in collections

the diamond

in 2015 and in partnership with luisa via roma, le gramme created a limited edition bracelet for men: a 33g...
03.03.21 in collections

the ribbon

after launching its first two iconic collections, the ribbon and the cable, le gramme has imagined a new line of...
16.02.21 in collections

the nato cable

the use of nato as an accessory originated from the world of watchmaking, in 1973. traditionally, watch straps were made...
09.02.21 in collections


le gramme was born in 2013 with its first collection of men's jewelry, the ribbon, which is the most representative...
04.01.21 in collections


with its medals born from elementary geometric shapes, le gramme reinterprets the pendant.
with 4 existing variations, the medals take...
21.12.20 in collections

wedding rings

made in parisian workshops, le gramme wedding rings sit on the border between the rational and the emotional,...
09.12.20 in collections


photographer: jai odell
23.11.20 in collections

the diamond cable

photographer: victoire le tarnec
model: julien isnardon
09.11.20 in collections


photographer: victoire le tarnec
model: clément grobotek
10.06.19 in collections

ceramic collection

le gramme continues its creative project around weight by adding a new material to the field of its research: ceramics....
16.01.19 in inspirations


212g of salad, 925 silver and le gramme objects.
01.01.19 in inspirations


le gramme wishes you a very happy new year!
30.10.18 in collections


1678g of squash, silver shot and le gramme objects.
27.04.18 in collections

the cable

an expression of precious engineering, le gramme's latest collection - cable bracelets - is directly inspired by the world of...
09.03.18 in inspirations

in the ice | fw18

on march 4, le gramme presented all of its objects to the press in a dedicated display. le gramme had...
29.11.17 in collections

art-deco engraved capsule collection

this temporary variation in 925 silver is inspired by the art deco movement, its iconic pattern is distributed over 3...