the octagon cable

launched in 2018, the collection of men's cable bracelets has been enriched with a new variation, the octagon cable.

the inspirations of Erwan le Louër

elementary form in essence, the octagon, combination of the square and the circle, a polygon with eight vertices, is the symbol of perfect geometry.

its regular eight-sided structure makes it a shape very often used as design elements in architecture. the octagonal plan is indeed found in a certain number of constructions from different periods and functions. there are many examples: the Castel del Monte in Italy, entirely octagonal, built in the 13th century, the labyrinth of the nave of Amiens Cathedral dating from 1288, but also the chemosphere house in Los Angeles, a modernist hanging house built in 1960 by architect John Lauthner; or more recently the Lippo Center in Hong Kong, two brutalist-inspired skyscrapers by the American architect Paul Rudolph.

The digital translation of the graphic form is also loaded with symbolic meanings. The number 8, octo in Latin, has always conveyed a range of universal values: prosperity for some, power for others and the figure of infinity for mathematicians.

It is thus quite naturally that this elementary form came to be part of the inspirations of Erwan Le Louër, designer and CEO of Le Gram, for the reinterpretation of our iconic cable collection.
elementary shape in essence, the octagon is the symbol of perfect geometry.
Technical issues

Made in France in exceptional workshops, the new octagon cables have been designed through the prism of Le Gram's creative process, derived from industrial design. the technical challenge in the manufacture of this new octagonal clasp lies in the perfect alignment of the two parts of the latter once screwed.

With this precise indexing of the two sides of the jewelry clasp, le gramme further explores jewelry machining techniques. Behind an apparent simplicity, there is in reality a timeless and rational creation of great complexity.

the new octagon cable bracelets for men are available in 925 silver but also in 750 yellow gold and red gold, with polished or brushed finishes. a personal touch can be added to the bracelet thanks to laser engraving, on one or more of the sides of the clasp. this reinforces the idea of ​​a unique and personalized gift to give to a man.

photographer: olivia haudry
the new octagon cables were designed through the prism of le gram's creative process, which comes from industrial design.
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