the ribbon

After launching its first two iconic collections, the ribbon and the cable, le gramme has imagined a new line of jewelry for men, the bangle collection, which combines tribal and architectural inspirations.

Made in France in workshops with exceptional know-how, le gramme bangle bracelets are reminiscent of the “Saccalava bangle” and the “vangovango”, also called “slave bracelet”. Their story begins at the end of the 19th century between Reunion and Madagascar where the slaves were Mozambican. They made this bracelet a sign of emancipation and freedom.

This form, originally closed to subjugate, therefore opened to consecrate liberation.

We can also glimpse in men's bangles le gramme, the frank humanity of jewelry with Nubian and sub-Saharan influences, the intuitive elegance of Moorish jewelry or the freshness of baans that are nevertheless so light.

The bracelet in the shape of an open bangle has therefore gone through the ages, adorned with twists, ending with various ornamentations. le gramme gives it a universal and original form which echoes its architectural universe and in particular the railings so characteristic of the Bauhaus.

The Jonc collection is offered in several variations of bracelets, rings and earrings, in polished or brushed 925 Silver, polished or brushed 750 Yellow Gold and polished or brushed 750 Red Gold.

The flat surface of the bracelets is contradictorily polished if the bracelet is brushed and vice versa, giving the sensation that the noble material has been sliced ​​to reveal its interior texture.

Like all le gram creations, these new variations lend themselves to the play of accumulations and combine perfectly with all of the brand's collections, allowing each man to build their own le gram identity.

photographer: antoine harinthe
This form, originally closed to subjugate, therefore opened to consecrate liberation.
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