the segment bangle

launched in 2021, the segment men's jewelry collection has been enriched with a new bangle bracelet.

inspired by the world of geometry and the result of research around the shape of the circle, the segment collection offers a set of creations where full cylinders are interspersed with circular links.

with this new 35g segment bangle, le gramme continues to explore the graphic inspirations of this men's jewelry collection. This is an articulated bangle which is now available with two solid cylindrical parts in polished 925 silver connected to each other by two silver rings. This junction, like an articulation, brings a completely new mobility to the bracelet.

“I found it interesting to go a little further in the segment collection with this mobile bangle. there is a real creative tension between the rigidity of the rod and the flexibility of the junctions. the jewel becomes a moving object with a resolutely minimal design”
- Erwan le Louër, ceo & designer le gramme

Newsegment bangle is made in France in our exceptional workshops from recycled 925 silver.

photographer: olivia haudry
the segment collection is enriched with a new bracelet for men, an articulated bangle in 925 silver made in France.
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