adrien messié

le gramme is the fruit of an encounter, that of adrien messié and erwan le louër. from his grandfather, an aesthete and lover of beautiful things, and his father, a carpenter, adrien has kept the passion for beautiful objects, those that lasted because they were well manufactured, from a time when only the product could speak for itself. this family heritage led him to collaborate with andrée putman, continuing to infuse this culture of the object, the material and the sense of simplicity.

this led to the design of a simple silver ribbon, available in various widths and weights. from this came the idea of naming it in the most essential way possible: its weight. the project le gramme revolves around creations with elementary shapes, the same shape declined in several sizes according to its weight, in different materials at the service of the object. from this common desire to confront the male universe, was born le grammea lifestyle brand aimed at men.
" le grammeis the fruit of a meeting, that of adrien messié and erwan le louër. »
how do you le grammewear it? exclusively
in accumulation. the first one is a 925 silver accumulation with the 33g matt pyramid guilloché, the 21gslick polished, the 7g slick brushedand the 41gslick brushed. i like to wear some pieces "in reverse" to make the opening on the top of the wrist appear.

what is your favourite item?
first, my grandfather's watch, worn by my father and which i finally inherited. it's a jaeger lecoultre automatic from the 50's, with a slightly ivory background. i had a custom-made matt "navy blue/faux black" alligator leather strap made without any apparent stitching. for me, it represents both transmission and timelessness. it weighs 39 grams. and of course, the first 21g slick polishedstrap, everything started from there, it's a bit like the essence of the brand.
"Hence the idea of naming it in the most essential way: its weight. »
what's important in your life?
love in every sense of the word, but also love of beautiful things and details, love of the people you work with, love that nurtures trust. love makes you feel deeply honest.

photographer: ©benoit linero
"it represents to me both transmission and timelessness. »
his accumulation
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