little Santa Claus

an interview really oh oh oh!

what inspires and nourishes you in your job?
first of all you have to feed the reindeer, it's important to move forward! more seriously, the biscuits left by the fireplace are a real motivation, because I burn a lot of calories despite what my wife says, who is very fussy about my diet. new year's eve is finally the time when I can let off a little steam, especially if there's a little vodka to go with it.

what are the people who are references for you?
we are finally quite numerous on the market of happiness, I have a lot of respect for the dalai lama for example, this guy is incredibly cold-blooded, I use him to channel the stress of the end of year rush. little jesus is also really good, even if he steals the spotlight a bit, we agreed on a mystical position for him and more joyful about me. cupid is trying to do a good job, but he regularly fails, he has bad returns anyway, it's the intention that counts let's say!... but I would say finally spiderman who really assures on his costume and his art of moving, reindeer is a nice folklore but it's a hell of a maintenance.

what compliment touches you the most in your job?
little Santa Claus, I'm fulfilled! it may be a little classic but I make sure to please everyone. and then my wife doesn't tell me as often. the city or destination that inspires you or resembles you? I spend all year in the depths of Lapland, it's a place that I love because it's very soothing but it's so cold as a sled dog! I confess I have a crush on los angeles, as you know I have a pretty strict anonymity policy, but I found a good parade over there because I can mingle with the hells angels, a bunch of fat bearded guys who kindly taught me how to ride a motorcycle.
"It may be a bit classic, but I make sure to please everyone. »
how would you define your way of being and living?
i'm a hard worker (and not a hard worker!), my job combines psychology, design of innovative toys, mastery of logistics because everything has to be delivered within 24 hours in 194 countries. so i have a rather strict life discipline throughout the year: tai chi every morning with the elves, ali- mentation 100% lappish (fish and root vegetables, occasionally a few arctic blackberries).

your reference project? or the one you would have loved to do, and the one you would have liked to do?
i really would have liked to do the coca-cola campaign, at the time i was harder to reach than now. they had to call in an understudy who worked in a small mall. I had to review my entire wardrobe, I was dressed in green at the time and not in red, my elves had to work like crazy so that we could be connected the following year.

your favourite toy?
I have a great passion for pétanque, unfortunately the game is complicated with the snow and I systematically lose the piglet. the reindeer have become really good players, they've improved their curve work, we play great games. the elves don't play with us anymore, they cheat too much.

your biggest challenge achieved or to be achieved?
delivering the world in 24 hours every year is a huge challenge, many still try but don't succeed. le grammefor example would like to copy me but they are still young deer.

your ritual in your job(s)? i
'm very excited about it. (ok, the joke is easy but my wife laughs every time.)
"I really wish I could have done the Coca-Cola campaign, I was harder to reach then than I am now. »
A favorite place to find you?
I started my own ice bar right under the northern lights. I'm found there at the end of the day. What's

your favorite object? How much does it weigh?
I always carry my giraffe sophie in my pocket. It weighs 65 grams.

What's important in your life?
My hood! You need strong kidneys - and reindeer! What

are your objectsle gramme, what are they? How do you wear them ?
I have bracelets : the 41g brushed, the 21g polished, the 23g horizontal polished guilloché and the 27g perforated polished (my last one, I cracked !). I accumulate them, I think it's funny, it makes the noise of the leprechauns' bells, they are super jealous. what

if it le grammewas a toy ?
an elementary shape, something simple, a hula hoop ! I'm very good at hula hoop.
"I accumulate them, I think it's funny, it makes the sound of the leprechauns' bells, they're super jealous. »
his accumulation
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